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Clip: SansAmp BDDI

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by Sgtthump, Apr 15, 2005.

  1. I've been on the bass forums for a week now and I can't even remember how many great things I've read about the SansAmp Bass Driver DI. So today, I was on my way to get a compressor pedal, but decided to pick the SansAmp BDDI up instead. I first tried it through my bass rig and it was pretty cool. It seriously changed the character of the amp... I need more time with it in that setting, though. It's pretty darn scooped sounding to me.

    I then tried recording "direct" with it. Here's a clip... The first part is with the BDDI switched off (using as a direct box) and the second part is with the BDDI switched on. It's obvious when I turn it on.


    What do you guys think? Is this recorded tone pretty good? I think so, but it is a tiny wee bit muddy in the low end. This thing is kinda tricky to dial in. If you dial in too much bass, it's very muddy. Not enough bass is thin. Kinda hard to get just right.

    I'm using the following settings:

    Level: 10:30
    Blend: 5:00 (full on)
    Treble: 12:00
    Bass: 11:00
    Drive: 1:00
    Presence: 11:00

    I posted this over at HC as well, but I'm also curious what you guys think...

  2. andruca


    Mar 31, 2004
    Madrid (Spain)
    It sounds nice to me but I think you could use a little less presence. Remember this control only boosts presence, so it's flat at zero (7 o'clock). I don't ever use it past 9 o'clock. Other than that it's very nice! Keep it up (I've had my RBI for 4 months and still correct things every day -specially with my SR5-).


    P/S: By the way, what bass are you using?
  3. Thanks! I agree with you about the presence. It makes the "clicks" from me plucking stand out a little too much. I'll try turning that down later tonight!

    I'm using a stock Fender Geddy Lee Jazz Bass...
  4. keb


    Mar 30, 2004
    The blend knob on the BDDI, I've found, is pretty handy for dialing in just the right amount of that SansAmp twangy sound.

    Another thing is that although some settings on the SansAmp sound like poo when soloed, they sound great within a mix.

    EDIT: I have to admit that when I first demo a bass, or try out a preamp or something, I do that Cygnus X-1 riff. It's like a growl barometer. ;)
  5. opivy3056

    opivy3056 stardust in a light beam

    Oct 14, 2004
    San Diego
    JW,What kind of settings are you using on the sansamp? I like that tone you have going there.

    I can never get my MIM jazz bass to sound that growly......

    Maybe its my strings? GHS boomers...
  6. I need to experiment more with the blend knob for sure. I plan to play around more tonight with it.

    Agreed on the Cygnus riff too! :ninja:
  7. barebones

    barebones Supporting Member

    Jan 3, 2005
    Denver, CO
  8. True dat!!!
  9. I used to get a real growl from mine with a fresh set of rotosound swing bass, when I used them and didn't get dead strings.

    To get this now, I boost my hi-mids and pluck fairly hard in between the pickups. Welcome to flea's territory..........
  10. I dunno, guys. I'm not completely sold on running this SansAmp BDDI into my bass rig (Ampeg B2R, 4x10" cab and a 1x15" cab). It adds some harsh spikey treble to the tone, which is driving me nuts. I now have the presence dialed all the way back and the treble down pretty low. I either end up with a little too much mud on the lows or too much of that spikey high tone.

    It records very well, no doubt about that. I'd have a hard time justifying a $189 pedal for recording only, though.

    I'm taking it to my first rehearsal tomorrow and running it both through my rig and hopefully, through the PA for ****s and giggles. We'll see...

    But I'm tempted to take it back and get a bass compressor and OD pedal. Not sure, though.
  11. barebones

    barebones Supporting Member

    Jan 3, 2005
    Denver, CO
    You may try setting your amp controls mostly flat and see if you like the tone of the pedal then. Or, you may like the clean sound of your amp by itself better, which is pretty darn nice after all, and the Sans Amp would be better suited as an overdrive pedal. I've gotten some pretty heavy sounds out of mine with certain setups. If that turns out not to be the sound for you, then you should certainly spend your money on something else you need. No sense in having an expensive pedal sitting around collecting dust...

  12. Not that anyone cares, but I A/Bed my rig yesterday at band rehearsal with and without the pedal and we all agreed that the pedal added a killer tone to my bass. It made it sound much fuller with just a tiny bit of grit and growl. Awesome! So yeah, I'm keeping it. :)

  13. Au contraire mon ami, I, for one, certainly care. ;)

    Very pleased to hear that the SABDDI performed to it's usual standards at your rehearsal - welcome to the club. :) :) :)
  14. Thanks! I'm definitely keeping the pedal. I think some of the "mud" problems I have is with the string set that came stock on my Geddy Lee Jazz Bass. The strings are heavier on the bottom and lighter on the top. I'm getting an unbalanced tone from my bass and I'm almost sure that's why.

    I bought a matched set of strings yesterday and I might put them on this week or something to see if that fixes the problem.

    Anyway, yeah, I'm keeping the BDDI! I think for next rehearsal, I might just try running it directly into the PA. :)

  15. If your band's monitoring is up to scratch,you may find yourself leaving your rig at home on a regular basis. :D :D :D

    Let us know how you get on,OK?
  16. For rehearsals, I should have no problems running directly into the PA with the BDDI. They have the full PA setup with the mains pointing towards everyone for monitoring. It will probably sound great that way!

    But for a live setting, I'm not real sure about their monitoring situation. I'll scope that out next rehearsal for sure. :)
  17. Good luck with it anyway :) .
  18. Thanks! :hyper:
  19. Man i just tried your settings, and all I get is fuzz. WHY THE HELL IS MY SANSAMP SO BAD COMPARED TO ALL THE OTHERS?!?! I can't get ONE decent valvey tone from it........just fuzz.
  20. No kidding? Those are definitely the settings I used on that clip and I don't get a bit of fuzz. Strange! Are you using a battery and if so, could it be running out of juice? Maybe your pedal is defective? Sure sounds like that could be it...

    I think they have a 1 year warranty. Did you buy it new and within a year?


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