Clipping with Focusrite Scarlette Solo

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  1. Bassanhales


    Jan 14, 2015
    Hey guys!

    I've been using a M-audio Fasttrack for a while now and i wanted a small upgrade so i ended up purchasing the Focusrite Scarlette Solo which i read really good reviews for. I've started recording bass tracks for a website called where people from all over the world can come together and collaborate (Check it out!) but i've encountered a really annoying problem!
    When i go to record my bass, my interface clips but the signal on the websites recording software is low. I've tried turning the gain up and down but it just lowers the signal even more. I've tried connecting my interface to my Little Mark 3 with an XLR and plugging directly into the interface. After playing around with the levels of everything i've managed to get a decent volume+signal when playing normally but playing slap is out of the question! The only way i can play slap with my interface is when the gain is very low, leaving a very low volume and signal for me to record with.

    A mate of mine suggested buying a compressor so i bought the Behringer CL9. I've tried turning the level on my compressor down and lowering the attack down aswell, but at the same time increasing my gain on my interface but i still come across clipping on my interface and a low signal. I've also tried this with my amp head and direct input.

    I'm playing with a Fender Mex Jazz Bass so my pickups are passive.

    If there's anything i'm doing wrong i'd appreciate everyone's knowledge on this problem! I'm new to all of this stuff so any help to solve this problem would be great! If you need me to post pictures of my settings or anything at all i can do that! I want to be able to record my bass with a strong, clean signal/volume without the clipping!

    Thanks guys :)
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    Mar 13, 2014
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  3. whatizitman


    Sep 9, 2014
    I recorded guitar direct with my Solo last night, and was a little underwhelmed. I had to turn down the input signal in Windows to around 25% to keep it from clipping in the software. And after that the signal was a little thin. I was playing a Tele.

    For bass I used my DI into the XLR and it works beautifully. Same with mics. I originally wasn't planning on going direct with guitar - my daughter has a Fender mustang amp with USB out which sounds far better IMO than anything direct with sims - but I couldn't get Reaper to work with it and I wanted to record and not trouble shoot. I'm sure I will get the amp to work at some point, so I will not be using the instrument input much. I still think the Solo is a good deal since I wasn't planning on using the instrument input much to begin with. I've rarely had much luck doing that on any interface I've used in the past. Everything else on the Solo has been a breeze to work with, including the drivers.

    EDIT: Just got the mustang amp to work, and had better results than the instrument input on the solo. Much more compressed and fatter sounding. Still not as good as mic'ed amp, but ok for home projects after the kiddos' bedtime.
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