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Close to Ordering a M13 - ?s

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by Geddyfleaharris, Nov 22, 2010.

  1. Real close to ordering a M13. I have used effects and had big boards in the past but sold everything. I would like to have some FX available in a simple set up. This looks like it for me. Was close to ordering the M9 but being a +1 guy have decided to go for the big guy. I hate getting something and then instantly wish I had spent a couple of bucks more for the bigger/upgraded model.

    A couple of questions for M13 or M9 users.

    1) Can you run these units in the FX section of your amp or are they line level units? Is one better? I was just reading another thread where the poster talked about running a multi through the FX section. In his mind this ended the tone suck that can happen with FX pedals.

    2) If I get an expression pedal will that give me a wah effect when using the filters? I am assuming the filters on board are autowah types. If not what is the purpose of the expression pedal for these units? Volume? Or......?

    3) Is the Line 6 expression pedal good enough or should I look for an Ernie Ball pedal (I know it needs to be a 25K not 250K)?

    Any other comments appreciated.

  2. kevteop


    Feb 12, 2008
    York, UK
    I think they are instrument level ins/outs but you shouldn't have a problem running them in the amp's FX loop if you want to. Personally I treat my M9 like a stomp box and stick it between the bass and amp.

    There are a bunch of wah models, some of the other filters you can use the expression pedals to control their params, yes it can also be used as a volume pedal (you can set one of the patches in your M unit as a volume pedal) or can control feedback/delay time on a delay, or pitch on a pitch shifter / harmoniser, etc.

    The expression pedal can also control parameters on several effects at once, so it could be doing a volume swell whilst pitch shifting up two octaves, opening up a low-pass filter and blending in a fuzz. All with one pedal and four active effects in your M13. It's pretty slick some of the stuff you can set up.

    The Line 6 pedal is just a rebranded Bespeco pedal, I use a Bespeco with mine, it works fine, fairly reliable for a piece of plastic I guess.
  3. It's set up for instrument level. If you run it in your effects loop, you will have some problems with triggered or envelope controlled effects. To get those effects working properly, I usually have to turn my bass down or else they will trigger once and won't trigger again until I hit a rest. In front of your amp is the way to go. There is minimal, if any, tone suck.

    Holy crap I can't even begin to tell you what you can do with an expression pedal without writing a short book. Yes you can do a wah.

    My expression pedal sucks, and is neither the L6 or the EB so I can't tell you about that.

    EDIT::: The ONLY reason to go with the M9 over the M13 is the size. There is no other reason. If you choose the M9 for price you will regret it later, IMO.
  4. Chrisk-K


    Jan 20, 2010
    Maryland, USA
    I haven't bought an expression pedal for my M13 but according to the Line6 forum the Line6 expression pedal sucks big time. Users recommend either a Yamaha or an EB expression pedal.

    I chose an M13 over an M9 not because I need 4 simultaneous effects but because it has an effect loop.
  5. I chose the M13, for 4 effects options, the send and return, and so I wouldn't get the M9, and regret it :)
  6. +1 That's exactly where I am at.

    Thanks for the responses. Sounds like an awesome unit.
  7. Footbutt


    Aug 11, 2010
    Pickerington, OH
    i own an M9 with the Line 6 EX-1 (expression pedal) and it works fine for me. it's a little stiff and i ALWAYS have to sweep it up and down once right after i turn the unit on, for some reason. i'm not a hardcore rocker, so i don't use it for wah or stomp on it. (i'm gentle.)

    another plus to the EX-1 is that you can use any cable to link it into your M9 or M13, i use a right angle for a lower profile. i also own a EB jr 25K volume pedal, but i end up using it as... well, a volume pedal.
  8. I'm using a Roland EV-5 expression pedal. It works fine, but it took me a little bit to figure out that the minimum volume setting on it had to be turned up to 10 for it to work properly.
  9. On another forum I read that a Mission Engineering EP1 pedal works very well with these units. And it is a true expression pedal.
  10. Not ordering. Ordered. :D

    Found it at ZZZ Sounds today $50 cheaper then 2 days ago. Even with shipping I am now saving $70 over what I would pay locally. I assume I have hit a Thanksgiving sale. :hyper: For whatever reason the local stores don't have it in stock and are telling me 3 to 4 weeks for delivery. Lame. Try to shop local but oh well.....snooze ya lose!
  11. Congrats. Good choise. :bassist:
    I have had M13 for a year and a half now and I am really satisified with it.

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