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Club RickenFaker / FakenBacker - Show Your Fake Rics!

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Quadzilla, Jan 27, 2010.

  1. MirandM

    MirandM Married to my bass. Supporting Member

    Oct 29, 2019
    The nut slot is normal not being there as there are lots of different sizes so having only a fretslot to mark the correct position is good, even better if you want to go zero-fret.
    I use 20-30 cm long wood drills for the drilling. Works good. Don't forget the bridge wire.
    No I won't talk you out of it, I love doing things myself.
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  2. ChickWithaRic


    Feb 19, 2021
    Yes I'd use long series 3/16 drills and some kind of a jig to get things lined up. Problem with the 4004 is the control compartment is very small and that limits your angles but I know it can be done. Playing an instrument you had a big part in creating is a very rewarding experience.
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  3. I use the same. One of these cheap laser line units will help keep you on track.
    Just line up points A & B, laser line will continue up the drill bit .

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  4. ChickWithaRic


    Feb 19, 2021
    We have stuff like that. My significant gentleman friend who is allowed to live in my house is a finish carpenter. Problem solved.
  5. I'm surprised at that, this carpenter was only allowed in the house at mealtimes :roflmao:
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  6. I have an EBO if I need to make the house shake!
  7. ChickWithaRic


    Feb 19, 2021
    You just don't feed them after midnight.
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  8. When my wife’s cousin installed our kitchen cabinets, I routed channels from side to side in the bottoms to install LED strips.

    How do we get the power wires to the lights?

    The cousin says do you have a long drill bit? And I do.
    He takes the 12inch long 1/4” bit and drills sideways through the cabinet bottom from the back to the channel. He had a level bubble on the drill.
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  9. StudioGC

    StudioGC Supporting Member

    Sep 20, 2015
    Nope, you need to do this. I was thinking that unfinished body would be a pain, because it's not routed for any controls/pick ups etc. But you bring up a good point about the pick ups not needing routing and yes, easy enough to rout control access on the back and fabricate a cover.

    Please keep us posted if you pull the trigger.
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  10. MirandM

    MirandM Married to my bass. Supporting Member

    Oct 29, 2019
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  11. ChickWithaRic


    Feb 19, 2021
    I think it will go ahead around mid March. Delivery is 7 to 15 days, so figure on an April start. I'm just working out how to wire it without using a 5 position switch to get every possible pickup combination. Push-pull pots will have to be involved in order to keep a single switch/ 2 pot control layout. That's do-able. A five position strat style switch would work but would look wrong.

    Rickenbacker's wiring sends the neck and middle in parallel to one switch lug, meaning you have mid and neck, all three, or bridge only as your possible choices. I don't think that's good enough. I will use the same scheme but feed the neck and middle through push-pull tone and volume pots to get all the possible combinations. I think even without individual volume control for each pickup this **should** give a good tonal pallette.

    I could use a five way rotary switch in place of the toggle switch which would be a very elegant design solution, but I want it to look original. Not to attempt to pass it off as a real item, I have no interest in forgery, but just to show it can be done.
    Last edited: Feb 27, 2021
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  12. MirandM

    MirandM Married to my bass. Supporting Member

    Oct 29, 2019
    To get every possible combination you'd need at least a 7 way rotary switch.
    pos 1 = 1
    pos 2 = 1+2
    pos 3 = 1+3
    pos 4 = 1+2+3
    pos 5 = 2
    pos 6 = 2+3
    pos 7 = 3
    pos 8 = none if you want a kill position.
    You see?
    I've done this with a fretless own build using an 8 way 3 deck switch, not an easy job and in the end it just didn't work as I wanted because some of the combinations provoke out-of-phase which leads to very low or hardly any output. Too complicated so I went back to a much simpler setup, like the Ric's.
  13. mapleglo

    mapleglo Gold Supporting Member

    Sep 7, 2013
    phoenix, az

    On this build, I ended up just using 3 volume controls. I think it made for a good compromise.
  14. +1 on keeping it simple.

    My BCRich Eagle has series/parallel switches for each pickup, a phase switch for combining the pickups, and a varitone. And then it has a boost circuit because with a lot of those settings, the volume drops.
    I restored that bass to its original functionality, but I wouldn’t build anything that complicated.
  15. That bass is giving me ideaso_O
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  16. mapleglo

    mapleglo Gold Supporting Member

    Sep 7, 2013
    phoenix, az
    The build thread is here, if you want more detail.
  17. ChickWithaRic


    Feb 19, 2021
    I read that thread a while ago - that's a real nice job. And you've reminded me I don't need a tone control. I just never use them. Mine are always wide open.
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  18. ChickWithaRic


    Feb 19, 2021
    And all those solder joints to potentially fail some way down the road... no thanks.

    Now, if I stayed with a tone control, I'd use push-pull pots for both volume and tone. Wire the neck to one switch, the middle to the other so each can be turned off. Then, just like Ric wiring, send neck and middle to one switch lug, and bridge to the other. That gives you these combinations:

    pos 1: neck + middle, middle soloed, neck soloed
    pos 2: all three, neck + bridge or middle + bridge
    pos 3: bridge soloed

    That gives you a nice stock looking configuration BUT there's one glaring banana skin. It's possible to accidentally select a combination of push-pull and selector switching that gives you no sound at all. And you KNOW it will it happen, and it WILL happen the worst possible time.

    There's another option if you don't need/ use/ want a tone control, and it would still look 100% stock. A stacked blend pot. So... neck and middle to the blend pot, then send the output of that to one switch lug. Send the bridge, again, to the other switch lug (Edit to clarify: Bridge to its own volume pot, and the wiper of that pot to the switch lug). The middle switch lug now just goes direct to the hot connection on the jack. This should give you these combinations:

    pos 1: neck + mid, in any mix, neck soloed, middle soloed
    pos 2: all 3, or any mix of neck+bridge or middle + bridge
    pos 3: Bridge soloed

    Now I may be missing something here but that seems it would give the same combinations I described above, but with no potential for embarrassing moments of drawn out silence. It also gives a lot more control over individual levels. I think I like that idea, and the tonal variations available more than make up for not having a tone control. Which, as @mapleglo 's post reminded me, I don't use anyway.
    Last edited: Feb 28, 2021
  19. Very cool! Too bad Carvin isn’t selling those neck through blanks these days.
    I’ve thought about getting one of the Aliexpress builders to make a batch, but how would you know who to trust?
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  20. Playing live, simple is best. I don’t even like having two separate volume controls as on my Thunderbird. I put a blend pot in my J.

    I’ve been getting into playing Reggae/Dub. What’s cool is pretty much any bass will work, but if it has roundwounds on it, you roll back the tone. On my basses with old LaBella DTFs I could probably get away with no tone control.
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