Coated Strings and Dull Tone???

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  1. Some background - one of my guitarists put on some coated, (long-life), Elixirs on his Les Paul about a year ago and a couple of of us in the band commented how dull his tone was in comparison to the regular roundwounds he was previously using.

    So - Being one who like to try new strings, I was thinking about getting the new, DR, "Bootzilla" (Bootsy Collins Signature) strings.

    DR simply describes them as "crunchy and COATED".

    I would appreciate hearing from anyone who is familiar the brightness and "piano zing" of stainless steel roundwounds in regard to the relative brightness/dullness of coated bass strings.

    Thanks much!
  2. There's no question in my mind that the coated strings, well at least the Elixirs with the coating that I tried were consistently dull sounding on the basses that I used them on. IMO, they sound dead out of the box, and as a result, it gives the strings the illusion that they last longer. The only reason they last longer is because you never hear that transition of bright sound to dull sound that a typical SS RW string would give you. The feel was nice, but it wasn't that much better to me that I would go and shell out the extra cash on. I would rather buy cheaper strings and just change more often. If you're looking for that thuddy sound though, don't waste your time with the coated ones...just go out and get a set of flats.
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    I tried a set of Elixirs for about a month or so and found that the tone was didn't seem to degrade over that month.

    However, I thought that going from DR Highbeams to Elixirs was like going from running on an asphalt track to running in shallow water. The attack was "spongy" and soft, the strings were much more mellow. In addition, I didn't think the Elixirs sounded as "open" as the DRs. That all can be good, if that's the tone you're after.

    But, what I couldn't get past was the artificial slipperiness of the coated strings. After 5 minutes of sweating, I found that I could move all over the neck with incredible ease, but mis-fretted notes because the strings are very slippery...

    I wouldn't spend the extra cash to get coated strings.
  4. Love that analogy, Rob! :D

    Thanks for all the excellent input! Looks like DR has finally made a string I won't have any use for.
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    May 10, 2000
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    My thoughts exactly!