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  1. I was wondering..

    Besides myself, who else plays with Richard Cocco strings ?

    I love them.. they're a little expensive, but they're handmade, and have the very best feel, tension and sound i've ever experienced..

    On the 4-string Yamaha : RC4H ( 050 - 070 - 090 - 110 stainless )
    On the 5-string Ibanez : RC5C ( 045 - 065 - 085 - 105 - 125 stainless )

    me like thick strings :)
  2. I used to, but no-one imports them into New Zealand any more. They were the best strings I ever played, the only thing I did'nt like was the lack of silk, or twisting, made the G string hard to stay on the tuning post on a Fender Jazz, so I used to tie it on with a knot.
  3. They stay perfectly in place on my Yamaha and Ibanez.. :)
  4. I used to use them but I was told they went out of buisiness. I started using Fodera diamonds. I was also told that Fodera purchased the string machines from Cocco which made them the same string. Let me know where I can purchase them. Do they have a web site ?
  5. Mo' bass

    Mo' bass

    May 4, 2000
    I got fed up with DR's a couple of weeks ago. My friendly music store salesman suggested I try the R Cocco strings. I love em.

    I use the 45-125 on my Warwick FNA JazzMan 5 string. I'm starting to like the thicker strings. I like the tapered E and B. (The B is a must on the Warwick)

    Not to many bassplayers seem to know about this brand, so I guess I'm lucky!

    Question: Are these strings any good on a fretless? I have a Cort Artisan (insert type here) 5 string fretless that I would like to put some new strings on. Somehow, the Elixers don't seem to cut it.
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