Cog effects Knightfall 66/Mini 66 VS B3K

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  1. I'm not expert about bass overdrive pedals and I'm using a Darkglass B3K (V1), but I'm interested in getting a Cog, preferably the Mini 66.
    How these two pedals compare themselves? My only reference is the B3K which sound absolutely great to my ears and offer a good range of sounds.
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    Nov 29, 2013
    I won't praise the Knightfall 66 enough. I demoed it:

    The mini has only one channel and two knobs are replaced by 3 position switches. I use it with my stoner/post rock band and makes my C tuned P bass shake the place.
  3. Thanks, fellow italian friend. I'll watch your video asap.
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    Jan 19, 2011
    I was just coming on to post a similar thread, but ill post it here instead. My question was going to be cog 66 vs. DG VMT for a light/med od. I already know i like the ocd flavour coz i love my joyo ultimate drive but currently blend with an LS-2. So something new or a better version of what ive got......
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    Jan 19, 2011
    So, A friend of mine is building(and etching) me an OCD v1.3 clone with a clean blend knob(clean ccw to dirty cw). Im calling it the BPD. Im very excited!
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    Can't stand DarkGlass stuff. I like how Cog stuff sounds, though.
  8. Yesterday I received my custom COG order. It's a T-16 + Mini 66 in a single pedal, with a switch to change from octave>od to od>octave. I've chosen this combination because I wanted to save space and have maximum versatility.
    When I don't need the octave side, I use it with just 100% clean signal to boost the 66. Changing the order can boost gain or volume, depending on the situation.
    When I'm using the octave I can use the 66 as an OD, a clean or dirty boost before or after the octave. Those mids help a lot to stand out in the mix, and with the gain low I can use the 66 side as an always on tone shaper. Those switches are very powerful.

    About the switches... can you please tell me how they work? From what I've read "fat" is a pre gain bass boost while "cut" is a post clipping treble cut, right?
    Center position should be neutral, no bass boost and no treble cut? Down should be moderate boost/cut and up should be maximum boost/cut?

    I can't hear any difference with the "cut" swith on center position compared to down position, while up position seems to cut treble very clearly. Is it supposed to be so subtle?

    PS: I'll report back after more tests with this pedal, it's too soon to write some sort of "review".
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  9. I don’t have mine plugged in to test but it could be reversed... I have mine as fat down is the boost and my cut in the middle cuts slightly, only getting crunch when digging in! need to ask Tom maybe if you can’t test - forget his user name though doh! I’ll tag him on fb...
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    Sounds like an interesting pedal! I have a Knightfall 66 and absolutely love it. I also have a B7K, which the Cog knocked off my pedalboard about a year ago. I still have the DG in case it works better for a future project, but for me the 66 is everything I've ever needed in an overdrive/distortion. It's a crime that Cog pedals aren't more well known
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  11. I have a Darkglass B3K V1, I'm curious to hear the differences compared to the 66. From what I've heard yesterday during my quick test with the 66, it sounds more open, gritty, natural and "transparent" while the B3K seems smoother, more refined, a little bit more "hi-fi" maybe? Anyway, the B3K into the right amp is massive, I don't think you can get the same sound with another pedal. Maybe a cranked SVT amp can get there, I don't know. They're completely different pedals.
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  12. Yeah DG is a sound on its own. Just never really looked further than when I got my 66, and didn’t like the DG type engines on the aftershock... was always something just missing, like you said maybe too Smooth or something
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  13. I've spent another couple of hours with the mini 66 side of my pedal and I'm loving it. Despite personal taste, I don't think anyone could possibly dislike this pedal. It's the sound of your bass with some mid hump, distortion and EQ options added on top. All of these options are easily tweakable, in my opinion. It's like playing through a RAT with a guitar: how can somebody dislike that sound?
    I think I'm gonna start an NPD thread very soon, the T-16 side is also amazing.
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    May 28, 2005
    Both of those(66 and 16) have been on my check out list for a while.
    Looks like I'm going to get a little more serious now. :)
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