SOLD Cog Effects R-1 Fuzz Octave *mint*

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    Up for sale (no trades) like new/mint condition Cog Effects R-1 Fuzz Octave pedal. Purchased direct from the UK...very rare, long wait-time to obtain. Decided to re-configure my board another way—my loss is your gain! Below is the description from Cog Effects R-1 webpage...

    R-1 Fuzz Octave

    Say hello to R-1 (formerly Rogue One). A solid chunk of building-crushing, front-row-decimating awesomeness.

    R-1 has two full featured Grand Tarkin channels, plus an additional analogue octave channel that can be added in parallel. Each Grand Tarkin channel has knobs for Fuzz, Level, Tone, Mids, and Clean Level, plus toggle switches to remove the diodes from either clipping stage and to change the fullness of the channel to dial in your ideal fuzz sound from all the Triangle, Ram's Head, Russian and NYC era models. The A/B footswitch swaps between the two fuzz channels, allowing you to access drastically different settings with your feet.

    The footswitchable parallel octave channel features controls for the octave down level and the Filter knob that is so popular among users of the rest of the Cog Effects octave range. In addition to that, a Clean Kill toggle switch means you can disable the clean signal on either fuzz channel when the octave is engaged. This is a bit like being able to put an octave pedal just on your clean signal and also helps you to balance your levels across all the different switching possibilities.

    * Two discrete Grand Tarkin channels
    * Filter controls allow you to shape your octave down tone
    * Channel combinations:
    Fuzz 1
    Fuzz 2
    Fuzz 1+Octave
    Fuzz 2+Octave
    * 2.1mm Boss-style 9v DC input (power supply not included)
    * True Bypass
    * Die-cast Aluminum box (5-3/4”w x 4-3/4”d)

    $240 shipped USPS Priority, CONUS/PayPal only.

    (a $300 pedal with exchange rate and import fees...) 0C0D0BFD-4F7B-48FD-84E5-5FFCAEB66F2C.jpeg
    FC366A6A-1709-4FDB-B6C9-65DE6450EFC1.jpeg 599C3057-D1D5-4468-B0A4-FDD55B4E8804.jpeg
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    Jan 17, 2014
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    ...and sold!
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