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Coheed and Cambria,A Rush Love Child????

Discussion in 'Recordings [BG]' started by charles21o7, Jul 19, 2004.

  1. Ive been hearing this band alot lately, their current single , "A Favor House Atlantic". At first I didnt like it , but its starting to grow on me , and I find myself singing along to it. They strike me as a Rush love child or something, mainly because of the Geddy Lee style vocals. But i just cant figure out what genre theyd be under, punk , prog rock , emo?? Can anyone tell me more about them? Thanks
  2. sargebaker

    sargebaker Commercial User

    May 2, 2004
    Montreal QC CA
    owner/builder, ISLAND Instrument Mfg.
    I myself LOVE Coheed, especially the hidden track 2113 on their album In Keeping Secrets of Silent earth: 3 Aparently they are a cross of emo and prog. I fail to find the emo in it. They are a concept band, their albums tell a story of and apocalyptic intergalactic war type thing that is REALLy effed up! I strongly suggest you pick up their 2 albums, The Second Stage Turbine Blade, and In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth 3. As for the lvoe child of Rush, Claudio (the singer) actually hates Rush, and was in no way trying to be Rushesque. Coheed are one of the few new bands with talent. Granted their single is probably the 2nd worst song on the album but hey! Pick it up, you will certainly enjoy it! Then try to decifer the whole story (and read up on it on their message boards) It really is some messed up stuff! Their bassist is pretty cool, I think he wa sin last months (the one before the edition with Les on the cover) edition of Bass Player. Hope this helps

  3. Dave Siff

    Dave Siff Supporting Member

    What a great album. I've had it in constant rotation since I bought it. They may hate Rush, but they sure do channel them well, especially on the title track and "The Crowing." I just love the variety of the songs, and all the cool little vocal and lead guitar things they throw in. The bass playing is really good -- mostly uncomplicated and very solid, with some very tasty licks here and there. Highly, highly recommended.
  4. sargebaker

    sargebaker Commercial User

    May 2, 2004
    Montreal QC CA
    owner/builder, ISLAND Instrument Mfg.
    The Crowing is an amazing song! reminds me so much of Rush. great album I can't say it enough. It's the best thing to come out of quasi mainstream music since AFI's last 3 albums. (only Sing the Sorrow made it mainstream though..)
  5. Well, the siger says that he doesn't concider the band to be like Rush, and that he would rather be compared by a band that doesn't suck.

    Sounds like an as$hole to me.
  6. john turner

    john turner You don't want to do that. Trust me. Staff Member

    Mar 14, 2000
    atlanta ga
    sounds like somebody trying to piss people off so that they talk about him more.

    i heard it. eh. it was ok i guess. better than mars volta.
  7. Lazlo Panaflex

    Lazlo Panaflex

    Sep 30, 2003
    NOTHING is better than the Mars Volta :p
  8. sargebaker

    sargebaker Commercial User

    May 2, 2004
    Montreal QC CA
    owner/builder, ISLAND Instrument Mfg.
    He actually said that he respects them as musicians and knows they are good and yada yada yada but he was never able to get into them. Hes not a jerk, He's really cool actually (I"ve never met him) but like he's always around and like signing stuff and chillaxing with fans and everythign and form what my friends say hes cool. I just listened to the Mars Volta now (Ive been meaning to for a while......they kind of suck)
  9. notabob


    Sep 20, 2003
    cincinnati ohio
    yeah, coheed and cambria is pretty cool. i had written a gu*tar part and then my bro pointed out that it was in a coheed song and i had never heard them before at that point. that pissed me off, but great minds think alike. :p
  10. Against Will

    Against Will Supporting Member

    Dec 10, 2003
    Big Sound Central
    I can't get over Claudio's voice. Its the whole Bee Gee's effect thingie, why does he sound like he's inhaling helium!!!???! He's a big guy (and I like his hair) but the way he sings really took me aback. Aside from that...they're a band.

    I suppose Coheed and Cambria vs. Mars Volta will be the catalyst for numerous flame wars and vicious slander on their respective webpages and even all across the internet. Huzzah.
  11. invisiman


    Feb 22, 2004
    Maybe he was joking?? Not many people have the audacity to say Rush sucks, unless their joking. :confused:
  12. Eric Cioe

    Eric Cioe

    Jun 4, 2001
    Missoula, MT
    Fixed it using logic symbols. :smug:

    Hippy music. If I see Geddy Lee I'm gonna throw my bass at him, mark my words. I hate this band with a passion.
  14. davepack

    davepack Supporting Member

    Jun 16, 2004
    Denver, CO
    Hippy music?? Are you KIDDING me?? Last I checked Rush isn't a jamband...
    I feel sorry for you man...you're missing out on a great band.
  15. When I hear Geddy sing and listen to the lyrics I think of hippy music. I know their music has good substance to it and I've tried to get into them on several occasions but I'm just not vibing to it.
  16. Dave Siff

    Dave Siff Supporting Member

    It's all good, bro. Different strokes, and all that.
    Coheed is playing here a week from today on the Warped Tour and I can't go. Damn.
  17. sargebaker

    sargebaker Commercial User

    May 2, 2004
    Montreal QC CA
    owner/builder, ISLAND Instrument Mfg.
    I might go to the warped tour, watch them then leave :hyper: :p :cool: