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    Does anyone know what Michael Todd was using for a bass on the third and fourth tracks?
    I thought he was using a Spector Euro but I'm not sure. These two tracks have a particularly fat and punchy bass sound. It almost sounds like a Warwick thumb with the bass dialed way up.

    Also was he an SVT user?
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    ...I'm sorry...could you repeat the question? I always get distracted by your avatar...:D
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    Based on the year it was recorded, 2005, he was almost certainly using his Spector Euro. As far as I can tell too, he generslly used SVT's. I remember he did have some sort of endorsement deal with Fender amps but that wasn't sometime until after Good Apollo vol 2.

    He started using Spector Euros around the time they recorded Good Apollo Vol 1. He switched to exusively Fender some time around Vol 2 and never went back.