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Coil tap and parralel/series wiring with DPDT swtiches

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by GerardoRicc, Mar 6, 2018.

  1. Hello everyone, I'm currently building a custom Jazz Bass with PBass + MM pickup configuration with an active Tone Monster preamp and I wanted to expand tone options adding a series/parralel and both north and south coil tap switches to the wiring.
    Problem is, I can't figure out how to make both switches work, if I use the coil tapping switch I can't use the parallel/series switch because it won't have the wires needed to work.
    I will use a DPDT On/On switch for parallel/series and a DPDT On/On/On.
    Alternatively, I could use 3 switches and use 2 as simple on/off for each coil

    Any suggestions?
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  3. I'm not normally some one who writes "don't bother with your cool idea" type posts, but really, either will hum (on its own or with the P) and they will honestly sound very very close man. And if you settle for just one single coil option, then single-series-parallel is easy with an on-on-on toggle.

    But if you want both single coil options, that's cool. Go for it. I'd recommend a 3P4T rotary switch as a good option.
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  4. Thanks to both of you but eventually I didn't sleep and thought all night about it.
    Basically I'm gonna do On/On/On for the coil tap, separate each coil output and go into the parallel/series On/On switch.
    So that's it, thanks!
  5. Cool. Yeah man, go for it. Actually if the MM pickup is right near the bridge, the difference between the two coils will be more pronounced I guess.

    Well, normally you'd do that with a centre-off toggle. I'm not really sure how this will work combined with your other switch.

    But before you dust off the soldering iron, I'd recommend creating a diagram with both coils and both switches, and try to think through what will happen with all the switch positions. Ideally, you'd want the series/para switch to be non-functioning (or effectively so) when either single coil is selected. You may find that the bass mutes in one or two settings.
  6. Well, the On/On/On switch has 3 positions, I've searched online and it basically works like this:

    Instead of bridging pins 2 and 5 (that would make the humbuker wired in series) I simply run each wire thru the p/s switch treating each wire as it was a direct out from the coil.
    When I'm using it in single coil mode, the p/s switch doesn't affect the functionality because no matter wich position, signal is always passing.
  7. OK.... I can't really understand what you are saying. If possible, please post a diagram of your wiring. I think you are making things a little complicated for yourself.

    FWIW, here's a diagram for a 3P4T rotary switch that will give you your four sounds. You can buy a suitable switch for just a couple of dollars.

  8. Here is a diagram I used for my Stingray (obtained from @pertyman almost 10 years ago). It uses two single pole single throw 3-pin switches. Gives Single coil (each coil), Series, and Parallel.
    I tried to modify the original diagram to be understood a little easier.
    It is meant for a 4-wire MM pickup with Black, Red, Green, and White wires.
    Each coil of the pickup is labeled A and B. The switch terminals are labeled A, B, C; D, E, F.
    You just need to add one “jumper” wire between switches (from terminals A to D) and a ground.
    The diagram does not show a Blend or pickup selector as it is for a single-pickup installation. One would wire a blend pot or selector in between the preamp + and terminal F.

    The way the two switches work...I had them mounted to throw up/down. Both up = parallel, both down = Series, one up, one down = single coil (switching opposite switches up/down would switch coils).

    Also, here are various diagrams for the DPDT switch. I think I found these through Warmoth’s site, but I’m not sure...
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  9. ^^^ that's a cool solution. I've never seen that approach. two cheap single-pole toggles, all four sounds. nice one!
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