Cold Weather Gig

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  1. This Saturday, I've been asked to play an outdoor gig before a football game for one of the departments at school here. I did the same gig a few weeks earlier and had a great time. However, as the year goes on and the days get shorter, the air gets colder. The forecast for Blacksburg is a high of 33 degrees that day. :meh: It looks like I'll have to cancel this one :help:

    Any Ideas?

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    Solid body EUB...?
  3. I had the same problem last year around this time when I was in Michigan. My solution was to (gulp) play it on electric.
  4. Fingus,
    Did you play with gloves on? I can't imagine playing anything at that temperature. I'm just curious.

    We wouldn't be playing until 5:30, about half an hour after the sun goes down, and there's no tent or anything either. Ah well. They enjoyed us the last time we worked for them, so we might get some gigs for their indoor events later this year.