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  1. hernameisrio


    Sep 27, 2011
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    So I've been corresponding with a guitarist in Austin and we were talking about collaborating remotely somehow. He's not a huge Skype fan and we're both wondering if there's something better out there. I'm kinda drawing a blank and can't really think of anything beyond just using Skype and Dropbox. Has anyone ever worked remotely on a project and if so, what were some of your strategies to keep things moving? I was also thinking of Soundcloud since you can make notes on tracks on the timeline. I think he's running on Mac OS X as well, although I'm not sure which OS he's on. I'm on 10.8.5. Any ideas? Thanks! :D
  2. Just send (email) mp3 files for the ideas and wav files when its important back and forth - you both should be able to add/load the files into your DAW to add parts, and etc.
  3. + for Dropbox. Super easy to use.
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    Do you want to pass music files or tracks back and forth so that you can take turns dubbing and mixing them? Or do you want to jam together online?

    There's this:

    And check out this collection for something that might fit your needs...

    There are lots of online jam session websites...

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  5. Seanto


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    Essentially, decide on a DAW(Ableton, Logic, etc), then swap project files through dropbox, or other file sharing service. You can use skype when needed to discuss the current track or work on it together.

    I think it's a great idea, and if the two musical partners are competent musicians and good with the software, you can produce a full project this way. I am trying to bone up on my production software skills myself to do things like this.
  6. Checkout "Acoustica Mixcraft Pro Studio 6" - super user friendly, powerful and affordable.
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    I work with a couple of guys remotely and we share wav files and also use Skype when we want to show each other a specific part or just brainstorm ideas. I've found this to be an easy way to work remotely.
  8. AngryPig1


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    Make sure you send the enitre project folder containing all audio files rather than just the actual project itself. This is a mistake i have made int he passed. clearly label all audio too.
  9. Kbone_ATL


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    I've been doing this for years with players all over and it's fantastic. Fortunately, we are all nerds so I have a linux server and everyone can upload and download the files via SSH.
    This can get complicated but it works very well, without any third party products and it's free.

    We all have different DAW's, but with the OVA format, we can send the entire projects back and forth.

    The biggest hurdle I have with doing this is keeping the most up-to-date files and dealing with duplicates from different dates.
  10. Ukiah Bass

    Ukiah Bass

    May 10, 2006
    I've done this successfully. An important element is proper alignment / start times for each track. It's helpful for each musician to include a precise count in, preferably at least two bars so all collaborators are starting on time. Having these uniform count-ins makes it a lot easier and faster to align tracks in the DAW.

    Dropbox, Google Drive etc. all work fine for file exchange and management. Email is sloppier, partly because all revs are not in the same spot and some email systems will overload with large file attachments.

    It's also helpful to have uniform charts/scores available for all musicians so everyone is literally playing 'on the same page' in stead of winging it.

    The bigger issues are in post-production. Who's in control and has final say over the choices made during mixing? Who owns the music? Does everyone have equal rights distribution? Who gets licensing deals? etc. etc.