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Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by negative57, Mar 3, 2003.

  1. Ok, well im a sophmore in high school, college is coming up, i know i wanna go for music, im not sure whata spect of it though, i would love to go for music technology and audio recording, is this a good idea, also thinking abotu music business and possibly music ed. i am not quite sure abotut he auditions tough, i play bass, and alil guitar and keyboard, than i also play trumpet and french horn. i would like to audition for bass, btu i cant afford a double, can i audition on electric, anyone have any recomendations for schools to look at, right now i have a 3.8 gpa if that matters at all. any other question that could help u help me are appreciated, and im sorry if this is in the wrong topic, thanks....
  2. The musical instrument auditions at a lot of schools are very intense, and they usually have a large group of people auditioning for a very small number of slots. But...I do think they would accept a performance on bass.

    As for audio recording and production, I hear UMass Lowell has a great school for that sorta thing, (if you're on the east coast)
  3. You could try Berklee college of music in Boston. I know it's really kind of expensive (around $30,000 a year) but they have about every aspect of music training avialable. Also If you get into a bass performance major you can play just the electric bass if you wish. To get in you just have to apply like a normal college, get in, and then you audition on the first day of classes for the level of classes you should be put in. I was going to go but the financial aid department didn't work in my favor.

    You could also look at Umass Amherst for a performance or music ed major, awesome music program but they require bass performance majors to have a double bass.

    Good luck:)

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