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Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by Ad Nauseam, Jun 5, 2002.

  1. blamkin


    Nov 28, 2001
    Broomfield, Co
    I'll be racing in Wendover Utah that weekend. this sounds like fun. :(
  2. Let me know when/where/etc.... Can ride up with Jim Dombrowski, should be a good hang! I'll bring some cool stuff.....
  3. We're just waiting on Matt to make sure we could use his place. I think Matt is still figuring that out himself, though.
    Fingers are crossed.

  4. disp


    Apr 29, 2002
    I can reserve our clubhouse here at the complex at 120th and I-25. Lots of space, pool, big screen tv. We can get away with a fair amount of volume too. However, it's not free until 4 or 5 on the twentieth.

    If you guys are interested we may want to switch days. It is open all day on the 21st.
  5. Like a country club clubhouse? That sounds good to me, how much is it?
  6. disp


    Apr 29, 2002
    Like apartment clubhouse. Fair amount of space indoors with a nice patio/pool out back. It's free but I have to reserve it so the sooner we decide the better.
  7. mthoople


    Nov 1, 2001
    Denver, CO
    I won't have a scheduled carpet installation date until the carpet actually comes in.

    So, we can have it here as long as we plan on doing it outside. I'll have furniture moved and old carpet up already on the 20th in anticipation of the carpet's arrival.

    What time of day are we considering? My patio is in full sun until early afternoon, which might not be comfortable if its hot that day. Alternatively, we could use the garage also (shaded and more space than the patio). The 20th is just over a week away, so we need a time and place nailed down.

  8. Should we vote? I'm still fine at having it at your homestead, Matt. The Garage is just fine. I hope it's not imposing of us!
    I think around 1:00pm running to 8 or 9 is ideal.
    I am not very good at setting plans, and I'm as indecisive as any of us. I am a pretty reluctant leader because I want to make this happen but I also want everyone to be happy!
    The Clubhouse that Disp is offering is a great idea, but at 4 or 5pm is a little late to start I think. The 21st is bad for me, since I will be going to the Tool/Tomahawk concert that day and will be busy preparing for the show.

    What say everyone?

  9. ebozzz

    ebozzz Supporting Member

    May 17, 2001
    Hey, I'm easy. Either place or time/date would work for me. I just need to know what's expected of me as far as contributing to the function.

    Brett has asked me to bring one of my basses and I plan to do that. I don't have anything that's really extravagant or rare so there's probably not a lot of interest in the other gear that I own. If there is anything else on the list that I posted earlier in this thread that someone is curious about, I'd be happy to bring it along.

    I would like to know what everyone else is bringing because it would be a great opportunity to take a closer look at some things that maybe we don't get to see very often locally. You just don't see much different on the Denver gear scene in my opinion. Well, at least I don't! I'm sure that I don't have the connections that some of you have.
  10. disp


    Apr 29, 2002
    I think since most everyone's expecting the 20th that's what we should go with. So, if it's not too much trouble for Matt I think your place is the best option. Agreed?

    As far as food and drink goes, we should do the potluck thing. I assume you have a Q Matt? Burgers and Brats sound good? It's getting down to the wire so we need a rough head count so we all know how much food to bring.

    Hey Ebozz, I wanna play your MTD if I may! I also wanna hear that Peavey Max. It seems to get a bit of praise.
  11. ebozzz

    ebozzz Supporting Member

    May 17, 2001
    I'll be glad to bring it. It's a nice preamp and it just so happens that it's inexpensive also. I've got two options. I can bring the Max along with my Kilobass head and we can bypass the preamp on the Kilobass while using the Max.

    If you would rather see how it sounds with a nice power amp, I can pull the Kilobass from the rack and slap in my E&W power amp. The preamp sections of the Max and the Kilobass are basically the same. The Max just has a few differences.

    You can play that MTD all you want. I'm interested in hearing opinions about it anyway. Shoot, I'll just bring this rig with either the Kilo or the E&W.


    It would be nice to hear a little constructive criticism about it. I like this setup a lot but someone else may be able to point out something that may help me. Although, I think that it would be hard for me to do better for the money that I have into it. ;)
  12. disp


    Apr 29, 2002
    *drool* That looks like fun. I'm bringing my ESP which should be comparable to your MTD. Fun to compare and contrast.

    I'm also thinking I'll bring my Hartke 4x10 and 7000 amp. Even though it's a pain I haven't heard it crossed over yet so I'm thinking it may be worth the trouble. Anyone bringing a 15"?
  13. ebozzz

    ebozzz Supporting Member

    May 17, 2001
    Mine has been upgraded to active electronics. It now has the smae preamp that goes into the Grendel installed in it. It sound good but I do miss that passive sound that the Beast had. :( I want to try it all. From the least to the beast! :D
  14. camoe


    Sep 7, 2001
    Lafayette, CO
    Okay, I'm an idiot and couldn't recognize a PM message if it kicked my ass several times over. I'm just getting caught up in this thread and it sounds cool. My only impediment is that I am on call for work, which means if I get called...I go to work anytime between 8 and 5. So, in a nutshell, if I'm not called, I game. My current rig consists of a Modulus Q5, Martin ABG, Bass Pod, Peavey GPS900 amp, and a Bag End 210BX-D cab and I can bring some if it interested anyone. What should I tentatively bring.

  15. Well, if I can get Mr. Dombrowski to give me a ride up, and the family cooperates, I might be there...

    What to bring? Hmmm, my Dingwall Prima 5 for sure, Wal fretted and fretless, probably my Devon zebrawood fretless if it's not sold (hint hint), Reverend Brad Houser, maybe my fretless jazz w/J-Retro? Jim can bring his Bergantino 212 instead of mine!! My rig has an Aguilar 659 pre, PLX 2402 power amp..... Maybe one of my MusicMan Audiophile cabinets, the 210 maybe?

    Food? Hmmmm, let's have LOTS!

    mark s.
    colo springs
  16. ebozzz

    ebozzz Supporting Member

    May 17, 2001
    Hey Mark,

    If I'm not mistaken your Jazz is one of the Japanese made versions, right? I've got one that I considered upgrading so I would love to hear the J-retro difference if you can find room & time to bring it up. As for the other stuff, I've never tried most of it so my ears are all perked up at the mention of it. And yeah, let's figure out who's doing the Sam's Club run for the food. I'm getting hungry already! :D

    Does anyone have an American made MTD? Ashdown?
  17. Alright so, 20th, matt's house, garage, 1:00, sounds good. Matt, Could you post some directions to your house? And would anyone thats driving up be coming up through the castle rock/parker area that I could hitch a ride with? I can find one if i need to but having my sister/parents drive me up to Arvada may be a little tough...

    I can pick up a pack of Brats and some cokes, How many people are we expecting? 10? I'll just bring my Ric, strap, and cord. Bringing my little 15 watt practice amp may be a little pointless when i can just share someone else's big powerhouse amp (is anyone bringin' one that can handle multiple basses?). That is, unless someone has a problem with me sharing their amp?

    camoe, i'd really like to hear a modulus, I agree with ebozz that the gear around denver does not change (let's see... ernie ball, warwick, fender, ibanez and schecter cover it pretty well). And if anyone does have an american MTD, bring it!!! Mike is one of my favourite luthiers but i've never had a chance to play one of his american beauties.

    Actually, I wont need to get a ride, me mum offered to drive me.
  18. Hubba-Whaa

    Hubba-Whaa Supporting Member

    Aug 14, 2000
    I can bring either my Fender Hot Rod P-Bass or my fretless Ric. I am planning on bringing my ampeg SVT3-Pro and Peavey 15" cab. I can also bring some food if needed.
  19. I'm bringing my two Zons, my Spector and my SWR rig. I think I have a speaker about to blow in my 410, but I'll run it bi-amped so that all the lows go to the 118 and shouldn't be a problem.
    I'll bring soda of some sort, vanilla coke or code red? I'm pretty poor right now but I'll see if I can bring chips on top of that.

    sellersm, please bring your Wals! I have always wanted to try one out but never have been given the chance!

    Alright, I'm going to split now to go see The Tarmints at The Gothic Theatre. $7, doors at 9, if anyone wants to see a really good band.

  20. Ebozzz, yes my fretless jazz is MIJ. I'll bring that and the Wals along and whatever else there's room for! Not sure what Jim will bring but he's got a few nice ones!!

    As for food, hmmm, maybe some hots and munchies....

    I can bring my Raven MDB-1 so we can run multiple basses, could also bring my PHA-1 if ya need....

    I think between Jim and I we'll have an Aguilar db659 pre, some power amp, and a Bergantino 212?

    Directions are a necessity!!! I'm lucky I can find I-25!!! :D

    My buddy Mark Allen should be showing up as well, Mark you out there?

    mark s.
    colo springs

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