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Combo amp, stage monitor or both?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Timm, Jun 19, 2007.

  1. Timm


    Jan 24, 2003
    Denmark, Struer
    I need some advice please  I play in a small band (drums, bass and guitar/vocal). We play mostly at weddings, 100 – 250 people. We run everything through the PA, even the drums which are placed behind a plexiglas screen.

    Today I’m borrowing a big Trace-Elliot 15 inch cabinet and a 200 watt head. This is used so we can hear the bass on stage. Furthermore we all have small practice guitar amps (15W) that we use as vocal/guitar monitors.

    This means that I have to lug a bit 15 inch cabinet, a head, and a small guitar amp every time so I’m looking at alternate solutions. Please give me you opinion on the following solutions:

    1. In-Ears: I’m using a wireless system for my bass today, so wireless in-ears for me, plus in-ears for the other band members.
    This is probably the best overall solution, but it will be to expensive. I’m really trying to go for a budget solution, since all the money is to be used on the PA system.
    2. Bass combo: Another solution could be to buy a small bass combo, 210, 112 or 115. I could then feed some vocals from the mixer into this also, so I don’t need a separate monitor.
    3. Bass combo + vocal monitor: Same as above but with a separate monitor for vocals
    4. Stage monitor: Maybe I should just get a “real” stage monitor, active and with either a 12 or 15 inch speaker. I could run my bass signal into it, and use it to fill the stage but also run some vocals and guitars through it.

    So what do you think, are any of these solutions doable?
  2. SteveC

    SteveC Moderator Staff Member

    Nov 12, 2004
    Eastern North Dakota
    I am debating the same issue. We run everything through the PA. We use a sub at every gig. I have a 350 watt head and 212 cab. I barely have it on because it's too much stage volume.

    I tried a powered 12" monitor at our last gig. It worked pretty well. It was only 200 watts and I think I would want something with more head room. I ran right from my DI into 1 channel, and from the board into the other. It's nice to have a "more me" option, too.

    I haven't decided on particulars, but the concept is good. A bass amp just gets in the way of the PA, but I do need to hear myself. I haven't ruled out IEM's, but on the occasional gig where I need a stage amp - fillin jazz or something - I could still use the "monitor" as a cab for snalll to maybe even medium gigs depending on the group.

    I have never been one to need an amp as part of "my sound" so the PA/monitor thing is great. That's the sound the crowd hears so I like to hear it as well.
  3. IEM's are probly the go for U guys. IMO tho - U cannot beat the tone outta a nice bass amp/cab/combo! I play in 3 bands-one heavy rock-loud! One soul/funk/disco- LOUD-with a heavy hand & footed drummer, & one small jazz combo-4 piece-bass, drums, gtr, vox. In this band-quiet, we do cafe's, clubs, weddings-virtually anything, but for the quieter gigs I still use an amp-love the TONE!!!- & I run it into a small 1x12" cab. It's a Mark Bass Little Mark II amp- weighs around 7lbs & can go VERY LOUD-it's an astonishing 500w into 4 ohms, But the tones out of it ARE very versatile- or it's a versatile amp! & together with the speaker is very small. I carry the amp in a padded laptop bag-which also carries my leads, - the amp,the speaker & my Elec. uprite bass all in ONE carry from the car! Mark Bass also make a combo version of the amp & even smaller, lighter versions of both amp & combo's....
    I've NEVER liked hearing MY bass thru PA monitors & IEM's were OK, but for me, the sound of my bass coming outta my amp & speaker IS THE most important thing for me (after being able to actually play properly :) & = TONE!!!

    Bit of info for you- may not be what U R after but hope it helps
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