Combo Comparision: Peavey T-Max or Trace 715SM7?

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  1. I'm just curious about these two, the T-Max is billed as having more juice and you can run an extension cab.
    The Trace at 130w is probably fine, but no ext. cab ability (you can line-out to another amp though).
    Any combo mavens out there A/B'd them? Aside from the classic TE sound, any unmentioned advantage to one or the other?
  2. I'm not familiar with the Trace but I had a T-Max 210 combo years ago. those things really can crank it out. It was a very deep and punchy 210 as I recall. I ended up removing the head and using it separately as it was a very heavy and awkward box! T-Max was always popular with metal bassists in the UK for some reason? I used it for blues, soul, rock and it had a real good tube/SS blend on the front end
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  3. bluesblaster


    Jan 2, 2008
    I used a T max for some years, pretty good sounding amp , it could really grind if you wanted that but had a decently good rounded bass tone too
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