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  1. I have a Bergantino HT112 and GB shuttle 6.0. I'm wondering if anyone came up with a clever clamping solution to get an all in one unit. I would also get a padded cover custom made.

    This is for a public transport need here in Prague, since I have some shows where I need an amp, the bass and a tablet stand. I bought an ebs drome 115, but it's bulky ,a more importantly, doesn't sound good compared to my current bar/club setup.

    I usually strap my amp to a vcart and off I go, but the amp head is oddly difficult to secure, while my mono vertigo bag gets it done for bass portability.

    The shuttle 6.0T has two bolts that hold the amp in place plus some kind of bracket with a handle attached to the cab. If someone knows where I can source those parts, or has other creative solutions, that would be much appreciated.

    Pics of my rig (the shuttle 9.2 is in a rack, I use the 6 for the portable rig) and of the gb setup are attached below.

    Screenshot_20191128-151646_Google.png Screenshot_20191128-151804_Photos.png
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    Ratchet straps?
  4. For transport or to tie it down during a gig?
    Tilting back was also an issue with the current 2-piece setup, I don't mind putting screws in the cab if there's a way to retrofit a clean looking clamp system.