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Combo question Ampeg BA500 or Ashdown C410T

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by idrawbert, Jul 15, 2005.

  1. Ok, I went to guitar center today looking for a nice setup with aobut $750 max price range.

    I tried out an Ampeg BA-210SP (bass was a Fender American Std. Jazz) and really liked the growly sound of it. It wasn't as punchy as I would've liked and a bit lackin in the lows. So I decided I'd turn it up a bit. Which is when I realized that the volume was already at 9. I decided that it just wasn't loud enough. So I probably won't be purchasing the BA-210.

    The salesman, suggested that I try out the BA500. I was amazed at how much louder it was. A whole lotta punch and decent low end. It didn't sound as growly but it had a lot more volume which was a plus. But at $1000 it was a bit out of my price range.

    My question is this. I've seen alot posted about Ashdown. And was wondering what people thought about the Ashdown C210T or the C410T combos? I could afford one of these, but I've never heard them and I'm a bit hesitant about buying something I've never heard. Can anyone describe how they sound compared to an Ampeg BA-210 or compared to maybe a BA500? How loud would they be compared to the ampegs?

    Also, I don't think the avatar speakers setup is an option for me. Since, in order to afford, I'd probably do a 12 month same as cash payment plan.

    Any suggestions grreatly appreciated.

  2. Anyone?