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Combo Vs Head and cab dilemma

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Mike Flynn, Dec 3, 2004.

  1. Help me out here people, this is my 'problem' - I have an EBS HD350 with one of their proline 1x15s - a nice rig for sure - but it's a bit bulky, plus I never get to use on full power - up to 11 in this case - because I don't need to.

    No problem there you may think, but since I moved to London I now need a small combo amp for little, to medium sized gigs, for jazz and other stuff, that's also very, very portable - thus I have a great deal on a SWR Baby Baby Blue - it's literally waiting for me to collect in the store (The Gallery) - but I'm a little tight for cash right this minute.

    As a result I'm a bit annoyed as I really want to keep the EBS head but replace the cab with an Epifani 2 x 10 - which I know sounds awesome - but then I am very tempted to sell the EBS gear, get the SWR and simply get the Epi gear as an extension cab.

    I'm pretty confused, a bit broke and desperate to have a small but high-quality set up for my sound - your thoughts and comments would be very much appreciated. I know this is the kind of <b>problem</b> most people would be more than happy to have - i.e. it's of no serious significance - but for me it is really affecting my general bass happiness....! :rolleyes: What shall I do!!!!????

    Cheers guys

  2. brianrost

    brianrost Gold Supporting Member

    Apr 26, 2000
    Boston, Taxachusetts
    My advice is do NOT do this.

    While the Baby Blue is rated by the manufacturer as safe to drive 2 ohm loads in my experience when doing so it runs extremely hot and clips more easily.

    In fact the service dept. told me when I asked about some weird noises I was hearing from my rig whem I tried it that the clip LED is not reliable when driving 2 ohms. The fact that the amp puts out (spec'ed) 160 watts into 4 ohms but only 180 watts into 2 ohms suggests to me that it's really not an optimal operating mode.
  3. I would advise against selling the EBS until you've had a small combo that you REALLY like and fits your needs plus some. Otherwise you might end up with a combo that just isn't cutting it for you and you won't be happy with the sound. That happens and it takes all the pleasure out of playing entirely, and you'll be wondering what possessed you to sell your EBS. Another possibility is to see if you can get a small cabinet or "airhead" cab with a built in rack space and just trade out the head between the two rigs as needed. I understand the is a company (Hevos?) that makes a good small cabinet (Midget?) that might be available to you. Otherwise there are some companies over here that make some lightweight cabs (Flite, Dr.Bass etc.) I'm just not sure how expensive shipping would be.
  4. I hear you bro - I think I may be being a little melodramatic here - I am not going to sell the EBS stuff, as it's a ****-load of hassle and I'll lose money on what I paid for it originally (again I got a pretty sweet deal) so I think the simplest thing to do is just bite the bullet and buy the SWR BBB as a small amp for small gigs - sorted!

    Thanks for the technical advice too BTW - always appreciated.

    M :)
  5. I have a contact at Epi that should be able to sort me a metro cab for a very good price so maybe I should go for one of these instead? I have a good solution for shipping it as well.

    Cheers again Grandad M
  6. 1. What is your budget?

    2. What is your weight/size limit?

    Don't get the SWR. Get the Eden CXC110. Much more powerful, 330 @ 4 OHMS; 430 @ 2 ohms. Like the SWR, awesome tone, but not as hi fi. It is a little wet, and sounds good with OD "warm." But it would be nice if it came with the ampeg handle/wheel system. You could cart it all over the place. But in London, would need some sort of protection from the elements. Of course, you get get the Time Traveller head for 600-700, weighs 13 lbs. And then a small cab.

    I hear EBS makes a nice 12 combo.

    Check this out.
  7. Well my budget is about 700 GBP - which at present is roughly $1400 US - so my options are pretty open - as for size and weight I don;t think I will do much better than the dimensions and density of a GK MB150 or the BBB - I hear what you're saying about the Eden - but I use practice amps at rehearsal that are rated at about 60watts and they keep up wit the drummer fine - my basses - especially the warwick NT Thumb really cut through anyway so I'm not too bothered about having loads of power - I think 120watts would be fine for a jazz / fusion type jam.

    I have a gig tonight so I better quit posting and get my sh*t together - all your help is appreciated though.

    Cheers - M
  8. IvanMike

    IvanMike Player Characters fear me... Supporting Member

    Nov 10, 2002
    Middletown CT, USA
    hey urbs
    i have the electric blue head only version of the baby baby blue. It gets decent volume with two cabs, but i wouldnt have it as my only amp. It is way cool to show up with that and a small cabinet or two to the small gigs!
  9. I'd rather show up with your Eden WT 400. The BBB is a castrated version of the red head. How much are you asking for that?

    What does it weigh? I am thinking it is smaller than the BB head.