Come to think of it, Is the Eden D-410XLT still the one...

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  1. The one that's the industry leader? I still have/use mine and thought of getting rid of it, but I can't think of a 4-10 that's better overall.
    What about the Bergs and GKs?
  2. in my experience GK cabs are mediocre. Never played a berg, but I love me some some eden.
  3. jmcgliss


    Apr 30, 2007
    All the compliments I receive are the result of changing to Eden 3-4 years ago. And my playing is more relaxed knowing I can add *musical* content and be heard. Have no reason to change what has been consistently blissful, though I can see why someone would want to try every brand that is available.
  4. You know I bought my Eden 410XLT more than 10 years ago, and it's been through everything. Jazz, Rock, Metal, Funk, Tejano, R&B and everything in between. That cab can handle anything. It always sound musical no matter what I'm playing. My only compliant is the wight. :bag:
  5. Gearhead17

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    May 4, 2006
    Mount Prospect, IL
    It's loud, punchy, growly, and projects bass tone farther than most cabs I have played. Let's the character of your bass shine through with an added oomph to the tone.

    Good cab. The weight is not bad, 98 lbs is a little heavy, but I can lift it myself with no issue and I have two of them!
  6. Love that cab. Have been doing small shows recently so it has been left behind but I am looking forward to taking it for a run again soon!

    I looked at other cabs when I moved up from a 210xlt and nothing compares to a 410xlt
  7. That cab is a winner IMO, but just too big and heavy for me. I've posted before that, while they surely don't sound the same, the new Bergantino AE410 is in a similar 'tone universe' as the 410XLT... very tight in the low end, very mid present and punchy, and very loud.

    The AE410 only comes in 4ohm version, which limits its use with the original WT800 head, which many use bridged into an 8ohm 410XLT. However, it works great with the newer WT amps, and most others.

    It is MUCH smaller (16" depth and shorter profile) and much lighter (around 65 pounds) than the 410XLT. It's a touch 'smoother' in the mids... more even versus that big low mid bump on the XLT, but my feeling iis that it is the best alternative for those who love the 410XLT but are just tired of the size and weight of that cab.

    IMO and IME.... if you don't mind the weight, I would 'stick with what you got'. If your back is screaming for mercy, IMO the Berg AE410 is a pretty good substitute.

    Edit: I'm also VERY impressed with the Eden212XLT (which is interesting, since I absolutely hate the Eden112XLTs).... a little fatter sounding than the 410XLT, but more even in the mids, almost as loud, similar top end, and for some reason, MUCH lighter. That might be a good alternative if you want to stay in the Eden family and drop some pounds.
  8. Yes, the 212 is totally different to the 112 - it's more smooth & 'vintage' sounding, whereas the 112s are voiced with loads of midrange clarity. My 112 is great for upright, but too bright standalone for BG (but mixes well with my 210XST).
    I agree the 410XLT is a classic, but too big & heavy for my back.
  9. I can see that 112XLT working for some with DB.
  10. pickles

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    Mar 23, 2000
    Ventura, CA
    The 410XLT is like the bastard child of an SWR Goliath (relatively compact, bright, and clear) and the Ampeg 810e (loud as hell, low mid focussed, punchy, grindy).

    IMO, it is one of the best bass cabs ever made.
  11. Busker


    Jan 22, 2007
    I feel lucky to have one. A friend sold me his for $350. I've used it on every gig since I got it. I like it, although I admit I haven't tried many other cabs to compare it to.
  12. Fretlessboy


    Nov 29, 2007
    St Augustine Florida
    Endorsing artist GENZ BENZ/HERCULES STANDS/XSonics
    Eden's 212 is an amazing cabinet and in my opinion the best they make. Hell I was running 2 of them for a while.
  13. Bassmec


    May 9, 2008
    Ipswich UK
    Proprietor Springvale Studios
    8X10 XLT :help:
  14. JMDT


    Jan 30, 2008
    Louisville, Ky
    I'd hate to be within 100 feet of that thing cranked.
  15. bakeronbass


    Apr 3, 2007
    Humboldt Ca
    Endorsing Artist; Schroeder Cabinets
    After years of using Eden cabs and really enjoying them.
    I got a Schroeder 210212 and its better , louder, cleaner, more articulate in the low end, projects a very big sound. :hyper:
    Its 2 10s and 2 12s w/titanium tweeter. 1400watts rms 4 ohm
    And was shipped here at 70 lbs. I wont be going back to eden.
  16. 5StringPocket

    5StringPocket Supporting Member

    Jan 11, 2006
    The Schroeder 410 is mid strong while the 21012 is a bit mid scooped. Does the 210212 fall in between - a little more booty than the 410 but more mid presence than the 21012? If so that would be quite a cab! :eek:
  17. bakeronbass


    Apr 3, 2007
    Humboldt Ca
    Endorsing Artist; Schroeder Cabinets
    It's quite a cab. I find that compared to my previous set up of a Eden 1 15 and 2 10 that it carries more articulate low end and great low mids. I think it has great tone.
  18. 4-string


    Jul 23, 2006
    The weight alone was enough for me to look elsewhere. I ended up with a Schroeder 610L instead. Sounds absolutely amazing at only 70lbs! :bassist:

  19. Weight is no big deal. I and my home amp live in the sticks and my Powerhouse 1000 lives in the truck. Just thinking of trying the 4-10 + 2-10, or 2 410s with my GK 2000RB.