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  1. I have recently discovered the joys of Hawkwind and Captain Beyond. Both are kick ass bands that have a quality that I love but will often get bashed by the "hip" kids for liking: Absurd Fantasy lyrics. I call bands like this with the Fantasy and driving prog or psychedelic lyrics and music Comic Book Rock. Why you ask? Cause bands like these just remind me of comic books and such . Hawkwind is the perfect music for reading the Watchmen by the way. I love silly fantasy based lyrics about space and dragons and swords and demon lords and Psychedelic warlords that can dissappear in smoke. Yes I am a nerd . Sure I like serious lyrics too but this stuff is great. Any one else dig this stuff? Any "Comic Book ROck" bands anyone wants to suggest?

    I'll throw another one out there: Zeni Geva- blisteringly heavy riff rock with few, but great fantasy based lyrics and themes and song titles like 10,000 Light Years and Blastosphere.

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    Your not alone... it's strange, I love nerdy lyrics.... but I hate "nerdy" things... Star Wars, Dungeons and Dragons, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, Comic Books... all that stuff drives me nuts...

    But hell, even King Bowman's lyrics (that I didn't write) are heavily rooted in wizards, spells, magic, castles, warlords, kings, ancient scripture... and I love that.

    If you haven't, check out Fintroll... they are a epic/power metal band who pretty much sing about being Trolls. I can't think of any others, but I'm sure there are tons.

    Speaking of cheesy, about a month ago, I finally listened to Dopesmoker by Sleep (the whole 63 minutes)... it's so funny if you break it down... it's honestly a Reefer Hymnal!! In fact they create words such as "Weedian" just to make it all the more... religious... or something. I don't smoke pot, but I appreciate the song... and the lyrics are a bit absurd to say the least. But I think it helps to show the bands don't take themselves too seriously.

    The winds of time are blowing through me.
  3. I heard the band, Steeleye Span, on the radio the other day and this made me think of them. Not really fantasy per se, but lots of English folklore and legends so you get basically the same thing. The song I heard was called "Sir James the Rose" which had this awesome bass line doubling the guitar riff. The chorus was, I believe (if there are any Steeleye Span fans, please forgive my probably misinterpretation) "For he has killed a gallant squire" with the vocals jumping way up high, almost Boston high, at the end of the line. Kind of ridiculous, but very enjoyable.
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    I have always loved that debut album by Captain Beyond...especially Bobby Caldwell's album-opening groove in 5.
    I had an original copy of the LP from '72(with the cool 3-D artwork), lent it to a friend as I got more into Jazz & away from Rock...friend moves to Italy, returns, & doesn't recall ever borrowing the album. Typical.
    Thankfully, their albums were finally issued(fairly recently) domestically.

    More fantasy-based lyrics with demon lords, dragons, swords, etc-
    Uriah Heep's Demon & Wizards & The Magician's Birthday?
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    Coheed and Cambria has concept albums that are based on the story that's being released simultaneously as comic books, does that count?
  6. Oh yes....good stuff. Anyone who earnestly sings "the winds of time are blowing through me" gets a +1 sword of geekiness in my book. I've got Hawkwind's "In Search of Space" and two others on original vinyl - great stuff.

    If you like them, consider checking out: Gong "Camembert Electrique" Sort of like Hawkwind meets the Mothers of Invention (kinda).
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    There is an odd local band in my town now that rides the bizarre lyrics train.

    A quote from the review of their album I wrote:
    Song Link:
    Glodyany 1972