Coming up on my first anniversary with Sims Custom Shop

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    Here's the original story, from Warmoth's forums where this all started. The nutshell version if you aren't up for a read is I found his website, liked his work, and I sent him $290 plus my Warmoth P bass body nearly a year ago in hopes of getting a paint job matching EBMM's Lava Pearl. I was quoted 8-10 weeks for the paint job, and I'm still trying to get my body back.

    Anyways. I'm coming up on one year that this guy has had my money. Updates from that link are that the Better Business Bureau, as well as some smaller Tennessee version of the BBB have all put in a few months and given up thus far.

    I've called, emailed, had the BBB send letters, I've messaged him on Facebook as a last-ditch effort.. I know he's alive, as he's still doing work. Apparently, jobs he finds interesting get done quickly. A friend sent him a Strat for a fighter jet paint job (see his home page), quoted 8-12 weeks and he had it back in less than that.

    I haven't heard from him since April, minus once that the guy with the Strat said he mentioned me and Sims passed me a message to email him and we'd work something out. That's been weeks ago that I emailed him again, and got nothing.

    The body and the paint job combined come up to exactly $500, sans-shipping. I'd like either my finished property back or the body in whatever state its in plus my money. At this point, if he sends it to me painted I'd be perfectly happy to just take my body and forget he exists.

    Has anyone dealt with this guy successfully? The BBB has received 26 complaints and he hasn't responded to 15 of them so far.

    On 12/19/2010 he'll have had my money for one year, on an eight week job. I'd like to see something come out of this.

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    I hate stories like this- I had a story like this but it was a 7 month turn around and I finally got my bass. The thread might still be bumping around Luthiers corner...
    You can try the small claims system in his county- my guess is if you send links to the district attorney of all the BBB complaints you might be able to get the county to try a case against him without you having to drive to Tennessee.
    Even with a judgment its still very difficult to get your money out of someone like this-deadbeats rarely care about court judgments that arent threatening to seize houses and cars and boats.
    You are doing us a great service by telling us and naming the shop, it might keep others from tying up their resources like you have.
    It really sucks that there are sheisters out there who live off our dreams- musicians as a class are not rich people, yet these hucksters come up over and over again who sucker people in with a promise and take the money and run.
    Keep TB posted on the progress or lack of progress. My theory is a lot of these grifters read these forums, are closet members and the absolute pressure of an 11 page thread that drags them through the muck can be enough to get them to shift into the action of actually finishing and shipping your project- I even think thats what might have happened in my case-my builder had been dragged through TB mud before (probably unjustly) and likely didnt want more of it.
    I also used the "carrot before the mule" system and told my guy if he would step it up and provide me a quality bass I'd give it a fair review on Harmony Central (which I did). This implied that if he did not I would flame him to death in the very same forum BTW. I never stated that- just implied it.
    Good luck and let us know what happens!
  3. Sims used to post paint jobs on Unofficial Warmoth, which drew my attention to him originally. After all of this, he simply quit that forum.

    I'm hoping TB is big enough that he'll see this too.
  4. Now about two weeks away from when I sent Sims my money, figured I'd bump and see if anyone has more info.
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    Are there any big fellas on TB that live in Chattanooga?
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    I had considered Sims a few times for custom work. Not anymore. Hope things come to fruition soon.
  7. That might be the next step for the Dr. Bass of paint shops. I'm really hesitating to try and take him to court for the money I'd have to involve, considering the odds he'd show up or even if he did that my complaints would be resolved.
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    I called the number provided and got No answer.... thats a crock of poop.....
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    Man, this thread is a real bummer...

    I have been planning a SIMMS customized Ric bass for quite a while now, and this is NOT the kind of customer service story I wanted to hear.

    My customized bass would have started with a Ric 4004Cii, re-finished in white, with blue side LEDs and blue illuminated Ric-style triangle fingerboard markers.

    The thought of laying down well over a thousand bucks AND sending away an almost two thousand dollar bass, for who knows how long, is not very comforting. BUT... if it turned out the way I imagined, it would be a spectacular bass...
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    I looked at Patrick's site and I didnt see anything about custom LED work, perhaps you are thinking about Martin at Sims Custom shop in the UK for the LED work?
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    Good point.

    Let it be known that:

    are different people, in different countries. The second link is the one this OP is talking about.
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    Thanks, Tink.
    You are correct - I was thinking of Martin's SIMMS LED custom shop in the UK. :oops:
    I wonder if we have any of his customers here, and what they think of his work.
    I would also be interested to know if there any Enfield bass (Martin's latest venture)owners here, and what they think of their basses.
  13. The Sims in the UK is the one famous for the LEDs. Its amazing what doing good work and actually returning the instrument to the customers can do for your reputation. This thread is not involved with their shop in any way, as I have never dealt with them.

    Luckily, I sent him an unfinished, naked body and not a Rick or something with everything attached, but still combined with the cost of the Warmoth P body and what I pre-paid he has over $500 from me. I don't know about some of you but I'm a one-bass guy for financial reasons and $500 isn't something I can just say, "Well, I guess I don't need it," with.

    I found him when he posted some of his paint jobs on the Unofficial Warmoth forum. After all of this started, he simply quit posting there. That seems to be a trend, once he's found out he just quits the forum and moves on.

    An update to the OP is that the guy with the fighter jet Strat asked him about me and apparently Sims told him that I should make contact, over a month ago. I sent a few emails at that point too, asking when / if I was getting my bass back, and still have heard nothing.
  14. any update on this?
  15. The one year mark passed silently without any word from Sims. I actually didn't notice. The lack of news is rarely newsworthy.

    "One year later, hopes and dreams still dead. More on this next year!"

    I did figure out what I'd do if I actually get the thing, it'll be getting a Wenge / Wenge P neck with a Warhead headstock on it, that Delano P with the MM pickups and a 2-band. A WarPRay.
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    i sent him a body (a music man ray). he quoted about 8 weeks, and delivered a beautifully painted body in 12 weeks.

    He was anxious that I post positive comments on TB. Unfortunately the finish chipped as I was building the bass (I'm convinced it was not fully cured). When i called him to express disappointment and asked for touch up paint he requested $12 paypal for the paint and told me it was my fault.

    Never shipped it to me despite reminder emails. I guess he figured he wasn't getting a glowing review so f*** y***.

    Damn shame. The guy has potential to do beautiful work.
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    Dont know if it helps but i had a photographer for my wedding keep my pics 3 months past the date i was suppose to get them!It was amazing that as soon as i called the cops and filed a theft report he was able to met with me and give me my pics!What this guy has done is stole from you he has your body and money and is refusing to deal with you call the cops!
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    I think it becomes a bit harder when the person isn't in the same area you are in
  19. I want send this guy hate e-mail.
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    For what is worth i lived in ohio and the photographer was in kentucky i called his local police department to file charges.They went out to check up with him and he made it right i droped charges.