Coming up on my first anniversary with Sims Custom Shop

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    Jun 19, 2003
    It's very difficult to get the police involved. They say it's a contract dispute, take it up in the courts.
  2. I'll try the police, I haven't been rejected by them yet. I don't have the money to set a lawyer on him, and I'm worried even with a lawyer I'd be wasting money because I doubt he'd respond.

    Also, would it be a problem that it was over a year ago now that he took the money?
  3. root fifth

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    Sep 11, 2010
    well good luck then.
  4. Bottoms_Up!

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    Apr 14, 2009
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    I've had a SR body out at Sims Custom Shop since the end of October. He takes $ up front (including return shipping). I emailed recently and was told it was started but a "long way from completion." I should have known better, but he seemed like decent folk over the phone.

    Conversely, I recently sent a S.U.B. body out to Marty Bell ( ). He informed me that he takes no payment until his work is complete. Thirteen days after shipping out to Cali, he sent me an invoice stating he was ready to ship her back. And I gotta tell yas, I couldn't be MORE pleased with his work-ethic, customer service, and most importantly, the quality of his work!!! Highly recommended!!! See for yourself:



    Its a beautiful glossy "Candy Orange" finish that's extremely hard to capture. More of a nice wet copper than anything..

    I'm seriously thinking about asking Sims for my $$ back and have him drop-ship the body to Marty!
  5. I talked to Marty first and I'm kicking myself for not going with him. He quoted me $450 for a pearl paint job and Sims said $295 and a shorter turnaround time.

    Marty does good work, I wish I had just spent the extra money to go with the reputable shop.
  6. Bottoms_Up!

    Bottoms_Up! For the record, I don't love Raymond.

    Apr 14, 2009
    Worcester, MA
    Patrick charged me $265 (+ $30 return shipping) for a pearl white job. Marty charged me $300 (+ $30 return shipping) for the candy orange. That $35 difference was well worth it.

    Good luck with Sims. I've decided to try and get my body back tomorrow. If he hasn't touched yours in a year, I would bet my last cent that mine's still in its shipping container.
  7. About six months ago I shifted my efforts from trying to get it finished to just trying to get the thing back in whatever condition and still have nothing. I wish you luck.

    I was trying to get an exact match for EBMM Lava Pearl, so I think it cost a bit more or something.
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    Ugggh. :scowl: I'm sorry, but thanks very much for taking the time to post here.
  9. Bottoms_Up!

    Bottoms_Up! For the record, I don't love Raymond.

    Apr 14, 2009
    Worcester, MA
    Well, I emailed Patrick today and he assures me I'm in curing and two weeks out from wet-sand and buff. So this puts me approximately at the 10 week quote. Fingers crossed.
  10. For grins, since he is still talking to you, ask him about whyachi's Lava Pearl P bass, and how long that one has to cure.

    I'm sure lava takes a while, since he probably dipped the bass in a volcano then shoved it inside a giant oyster to wait for a natural pearl finish to form.
  11. UnfortunateTony


    Jul 26, 2010
    That'd better be his goddamn story!!!! I've learned to always, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!!! Deal local.
  12. dogofgod


    Dec 24, 2009
    Note to self, never deal with Sims. I will pass this info to everyone I meet in the hopes that the company gets some type of negative reputation in my neck of the woods. Then he can go out of business, and stop taking market share from reputable paint shops.

    Even one particular negative instance, such as this, is enough to make me never want to use a company. And some member showing his finished product is not going to prove to me enough about the company and its work ethics.

    This particular instance would drive me insane. I would be on the phone every day trying to get my bass back, phone call every morning at 8am, phone calls and e-mails throughout the day. I would push back as hard as I could to get my bass back. He is pretty much stealing from you at this point.

    And always, always, deal local.
  13. Bottoms_Up!

    Bottoms_Up! For the record, I don't love Raymond.

    Apr 14, 2009
    Worcester, MA
    Well, it's been a little over 3 weeks (23 days) from our last correspondence outlined above. No bass body and no communication.
  14. tripp2k


    Oct 31, 2010
    Call the small claims court in the county this douche bag operates from. If your side of the story is legit, you should be able to represent yourself with merely the facts and any cost should be borne by Mr. Bag. If you haven't looked into this approach, you should.
  15. kai_ski


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    If you guys find enough people in this situation, why not get together and file a class-action suit? With the prices he's charging you might be able to have enough value to scare him into communicating with you (or your lawyer.) At least you could share the cost of an attorney and make him sweat.
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    Mid-Atlantic USA.
  17. Bottoms_Up!

    Bottoms_Up! For the record, I don't love Raymond.

    Apr 14, 2009
    Worcester, MA
    I received a phone call from Patrick last night. He gave me a tracking # and according to UPS, I should have my Stingray back on Thursday.
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    Finished? Or refund?

    Edit: never mind that's what I get for only reading the first page

    Now I know who I'm sending my telecaster bass to, to get finished
  19. Just for fun I tried calling the number the BBB has listed and the voicemail box is full, like it has been every other time.

    Bottoms Up, any chance you can PM me his number? I'd be willing to...

    While I was typing this he called back... we're negotiating. This is the first time I've been able to speak to him. I'll update this further once we reach a resolution.
  20. Negotiating? What is there to negotiate? He has your bass and your money! He needs to either return both or paint the bass as promised and get it to you asap. At this point he needs to give you a substantial discount on the paint job as well.