Coming up on my first anniversary with Sims Custom Shop

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    well, sure you've found out what happens when you pay someone else for a cheap paintjob. Reranch seems great cuz its cheap and everyone says you can do it....just wait till you find out the hassle of paying yourself for a cheap paintjob. :)
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    Jan 7, 2011
    On the way to UPS...


    What the guitar looks like now...

  3. Sweet! Nothing like greenish yellowish orange. But you got it back, and that is half the challenge, right? If you got it back and it was done correctly, and on time, the world might end.
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    Jan 7, 2011
    I just got off the phone with Patrick who called to see if the guitar showed up okay and what I thought of it.

    I asked about the difference in color and the stress cracks.

    He told me that he did use the color code that I asked for and actually added some sparkle and another coat of pagan gold to try and get it more like the sample I sent him. I'm not gonna bash the guy for trying, it is what it is. I do like the color and he did a damn nice job. It's grown on me and it's a keeper.

    The stress cracks were not there when he shipped it to me. He sent pics that were taken just before he shipped the guitar to me and there are no stress cracks in the neck pocket. The box did have a crushed corner when I got it so I'll have to assume that it was damaged in shipping.

    Patrick had it insured for $1500 and offered to start a claim but I think that would be more trouble than it's worth. A new body from EBMM would come back in the original color and he'd have to start from scratch. It's only cosmetic, so again, I'm going to live with it and play the hell out of it.

    I was surprised to get the phone call and he was very patient in talking about the issues and wasn't in a rush to get rid of me. I know others still haven't had their own issues resolved but for me, I have no axe to grind anymore.

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    Jan 7, 2011
    All of the opinions below are mine and I am not attempting to speak for anyone else other than myself. Others can feel free to post their own opinion but I want to set the record straight on my experience. I just want to make one last post on this subject to clear up any misconceptions that were implied by me in various posts in response to a paint job that was completed by Patrick Sims.

    As I explained in my last post Patrick called me to follow up on the job and I told him about the “issues” that I had with the job. It wasn’t the color that I was expecting and there were stress cracks in the neck pocket. We talked for about 20 minutes and I’m sure we could have talked longer but we both had things going on at the time and as far as I was concerned when we hung up I was happy with his explanation and was satisfied that Patrick had nothing personally to do with the stress cracks.

    One thing I forgot to do was go back and change my previous comments to the forum and in an email I received from Patrick this morning at 1AM he kindly pointed that out. It’s too easy to fall into the lynch mob mentality when something like this happens and in the heat of the moment of frustration I made some remarks that after talking through with Patrick lead me to want to retract my previous negative comments.

    Yes, I wish there had been more or better communication with Patrick but he did come though as requested and painted the body of my guitar almost flawlessly.

    I can’t have it both ways, I can’t be happy with the job yet take a jab at Patrick about something out of his control. (final paint color and shipping)

    In a second email this morning at 2AM he tried to explain to me in layman’s terms about his choice of paint for my project and why he did what he did to try and make it the way I wanted it. Based on the picture I provided he realized after the initial painting that it didn’t match the sample pic in color or texture, (it had a coarse sparkle effect). He then shot it again with a sparkle and another coat of paint to try and get closer to what I wanted. I appreciate that he went above and beyond what I paid for to try and make it right for me. I work in IT, I’m not an expert in paint and appreciate the explanation. As I stated in my previous response all I saw was that it was a couple of shades lighter but it was still a great paint job and it has grown on me.

    I also apologize for the jab that I would probably take it elsewhere to have it done the way I wanted. Based on the color details and sample I provided anyone who bought that same paint would end up with the same result. The sample pic and color I picked were not the same, it's what I thought was the right color. Again, I was speaking out of frustration and after having this pointed out to me I wanted to apologize publicly and let it be known that I certainly harbor no ill feelings and don’t want to be any part of trying to discredit Patrick for the work he did for *me*. I can’t and won’t speak for others who still have open issues. I hope they get resolved as soon as possible and that you will be as happy with your end result as I am with mine.

    I have another guitar that I would like to get refinished and after talking to Patrick yesterday will have no problems sending it to him to do if he’s still interested.

    I’m one small project in what appears to be a big backlog of work and was surprised that Patrick did go out of his way to contact me and then send me such long and detailed emails in the middle of the night after I had trashed him on an open forum.

    I’m sorry for the length of this post and if you made it this far I hope you understand that this is just one opinion but I feel that everyone deserves a chance to make things right.

  6. I've never understood this kind of inconsistancy from companies.

    One person gets screwed and the other person gets excellent customer service. How does that work? It's like these companies just say "Well, you can't win em all" when something goes wrong with a customer and they just give up and move on.
  7. And here I'm getting emails now saying my refund is still more than two months out. Wonderful.
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    Dude this totally blows... In the future ALWAYS use a credit card for purchases like this especially if they are not local. You sure your bank can't do anything about the debit?

    I had a few projects that I was thinking of using him for, not going to happen!
  9. I'm not even with the same bank now that I was eighteen months ago. Or living in the same state. Amazing what can happen during a paint job, right?
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    No kidding. If you ever want to throw away money again, contact me first. I will at least show you some progress, photos, etc. :bag: :bawl:
  11. If I ever have $500 to throw away again, it'll be in two-dollar bills and I'll see the progress right there in front of me. I likely won't be allowed photos, though.
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    I sent out a warmoth J-bass body for painting about a month ago. I paid a rush charge to get the body painted and sent within a 3-4 week period. At the end of week four, I have heard nothing from Patrick. I have sent a few emails kindly asking for an update, but have heard nothing in response. Luckily it hasn't been 45 days or whatever yet, so I'm opening up a paypal dispute now. Does anyone have the guy's phone number? (PM me it please!)
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    My paypal dispute letter:

    "I contacted Mr. Patrick Sims in regards to painting a guitar body I had purchased through another vendor. I had requested the body to be painted a specific color, had paid an additional "rush" charge to have the product finished within a 3-4 week window. Approaching the end of week 4, I have sent a handful of emails with no response. I have received no confirmation that the body was painted and no updates or responses. I have all the emails on record showing that Mr. Sims agreed to provide this service, and have the product completed within the 3-4 week window. Recently I have also stumbled upon a startling number of complaints against Mr. Sims and his company. Most of these complaints were similar to mine where the product was not received, or received nearly one full year later (much longer than 3-4 weeks). These complaints also detail a lack of responses on the part of Mr. Sims. I have also discovered Mr. Sims' "F" rating by the BBB. I should have conducted more research into Mr. Sims' business practices before doing business with him. I paid $437.00 USD to ship the body over to Mr. Sims and have it painted by him. I would like this money and the body returned promptly. If the body is not returned, I would like the additional $235 I paid for the body. I am greatly disappointed in Mr. Sims lack of responses and hope this can be resolved quickly and effectively.

    -Will Kolbe
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    Marty Bell:

    10 day turnaround on a drop dead gorgeous candy-orange INCLUDING transit to Vista, CA from Boston, MA.

    And guess what? He didn't take a dime until it was time to ship it back to me. Highly recommended!

    In fact, I'm sending two more bodies out this afternoon.
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    My experience with Marty was fantastic.
  16. I sent you the one I've reached him at occasionally.

    Marty is getting loads of good press out of this. Looks like he's the one to go with.
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    The company has a horrible reputation. Seen them banned from MANY guitar forums.

  18. If you have a few extra minutes, go through the link to the original story on SimsWarning and several other websites devoted to the cause are listed as resources. That thread has now been locked, but it is still readable.
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    I'll give another glowing endorsement for Marty Bell. He refinished my '80 Gibson SG, back in 2005 I think (there's a picture of it on the first gallery page, under the Alice Cooper guitars). He did a fantastic job, it wasn't expensive, and the turnaround time was quick. His communication was excellent too, a really nice guy to deal with. He took the time to talk with me over the phone about what I wanted and the result did not disappoint.
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    As a moderator, let's just saying I'm responsible for banning him on 2 heavily trafficked guitar forums. :)