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Common misconceptions about bass playing (or music in general, for that matter)

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by Alvaro Martín Gómez A., Apr 20, 2006.

  1. Alvaro Martín Gómez A.

    Alvaro Martín Gómez A. TalkBass' resident Bongo + cowbell player

    Hi everybody.

    As usual, I performed a search first and didn't find anything like this. My apologies if I had to search more thoroughly.

    I've just posted a reply to another thread that made me think that there are many common misconceptions or "myths" about bass playing and music in general. Maybe I'm wrong, but let me tell you the ones I can think of right now:

    - Jaco Pastorius was a fretless bass player. After he "invented" the fretless, never played a fretted bass again.

    - A "real" bassist must be a slapper.

    - If you're a slapper, you must do double thumping (or, in other words: Victor Wooten made the double thumping a must -an obligation- in a competent bass player's arsenal)

    - The typical rhythmic pattern associated to Iron Maiden music is a triplet.

    Needless to say, those are the result of a lack of information and/or a lack of "mature" criteria about music. Again, the above are the ones that come to my mind right now and I'd like to confirm if they are as common as I think they are. Any others? Thank you for your input!
  2. Ha! Everytime I do some triplets the guitarist tells me "This isn't Iron Maiden!" :smug:

    ...Too true.

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