SOLD Compact 210 Bass Rig, $400

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  1. Did this to the for sale I had about the Triad cab I was selling... pulled it 'cause I'm weary with the selling and buying, swapping and learning about what I have this time... so since I have amps and cabs that work pretty danged well I'm going to leave off with the blind ambition and just enable myself to pay attention to playing. What a relief. So, sorry, but nothing is for sale anymore!! :hyper:

    But thanks for looking in...

    [DEL]Converted Ampeg BA-210SP combo amp is now just a 210 cab loaded with Eminence BP-102 drivers. Cab is 400W @ 4 ohms. It's on pop-out casters, 21" wide, and really handy for carting around town and playing on crowded or small stages. This stout little booger offers a phat, deep, punchy tone with plenty of thwack up in the mid-range. Pretty dang loud also, you can do small/med rock gigs with it. FOH gig? Perfect monitor...

    I'm also selling my Ampeg PF500 head, one with no issues whatsoever. I do dig this head... she's in pretty clean cosmetic condition (minor scratching on top, hardly notice at all), this little booger sounds like an Ampeg ought to sound.

    I have a health thing with my arm and am moving to a new, somewhat novel format for playing my music. Got buy a new axe, and all the not-essential stuff is going to help it happen.
    Here's the cab (under a different head):

    Here's the head (on a different cab), with cat:

    [DEL]Padded Fed-Ex shoulder bag with power cable and speaker patch included. Add shipping, from 02917, to $400...[/DEL]

    Again, thanks for looking in. :cool:
  2. Bump... got a local trade offer, but not a deal yet.
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