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    Feb 21, 2005
    any good smaller sized pedalboard/pedal cases that you recommend? needs to be portable and fit 3 pedals. they are bigger sized pedals (Sansamp BDDI, Fulltone BassDrive and a Demeter Compulator)

    thanks in advance
  2. I bought this recently for 3 fx pedals and a volume pedal and it's great. Holds all the pedals with included velcro so you can change up your order whenever you want. A lot of other boards you have to cut the foam and once it's done it's done. Bonus is the case turns into a 3 slot guitar stand and holds all my other cords etc in a nice case! Great value IMO.

    Gator GW-GIG BOX JR Guitar Stand and Pedal Board (Black)
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    Those might fit on an NYC Lunchbox. I love mine. Really well made.
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