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Companies To Stay Away From.....

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by PortlandBass77, Apr 12, 2014.

  1. So I have seen companies mentioned on TalkBass where there seems to be a consensus to never shop there. So why not make one thread with the list rather than have 100's of threads of people asking if a company is good?

    Here's what I have gathered so far:

    1. Darrin Huff basses
    2. WD Music :eyebrow:
    3. AliExpress
    4. Guitar of China
    5. Ebay if you are a seller :ninja:
    5. Walmart

    Any more?
  2. Bad company
  3. Dr. Bass cabs
  4. Monsanto
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  5. Russia Today TV
  6. How did I not think of them?
  7. Not music related, but I wouldn't recommend buying a computer from Lenovo... Long story.
  8. cheezewiz

    cheezewiz Supporting Member

    Mar 27, 2002
    Viagra fronm India.
  9. gary m

    gary m

    Jan 17, 2011
    Mid -Atlantic
    K-mart. Oh, and DH Gate.
  10. mimaz


    Mar 1, 2005
    Wheeling WV
    Endorsing Artist: Crook Custom Guitars
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  11. mellowinman

    mellowinman Free Man

    Oct 19, 2011
    All fast food and chain restaurants.
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  12. ShoeManiac


    Jan 19, 2006
    New Jersey
    Surprised that the thread made it this long without a Behringer mention. Behringer has become notorious for reverse engineering the designs of other companies, barely changing the look of their own gear from the copied gear, and marketing it as their own product. They've done it on the cheap and hurt the sales of the companies whose intellectual properties they have been infringing upon... ALLEGEDLY! :rollno:
  13. xUptheIronsx

    xUptheIronsx Conform or Be Cast Out....

    Feb 6, 2010
    C-ville, Col, Ohio
    I m surprised the "powers that be" at TB have not put the kabosh on this thread for fear of litigation...

    in my line of business, (band director) we have to step lightly when we are suggesting where to buy instruments for our beginning students. WE can get sued if we disparage a certain company or brand.

    That being said, I avoid Wal Mart at all costs, and most fast food chains
  14. Bigmuffdiver


    Mar 28, 2014
  15. Acer and Dell for computers. I both have tales of those going to ****land within days
  16. And that is the very reason this thread exists. People are so scared of getting sued by big corporate powers that they are afraid to voice their opinions and the fear ends up infringing on every bodies free speech rights.
  17. SanDiegoHarry

    SanDiegoHarry Banned Supporting Member

    Feb 28, 2014
    San Diego, CA
    I refuse to buy the "off shore" lines from US companies - skyline, tribute, squier, epiphone, Fender MIM etc. American companies deciding it's just easier to make money with cheap labor and lax environmental laws using their "good" name. I wouldn't impost my view on anyone, but I do vote with my wallet.
  18. pacojas

    pacojas "FYYA BUN"

    Oct 11, 2009
    General Motors

    ps: thumbs-up, Joe Louvar!
  19. sjeverett


    May 10, 2013
    Davis Industries/Cobra...same cheap pistols made of zinc. They go buy a couple other names. Pistols crack and blow up in the hand. Law suits puts company out of business and someone else opens shop with new name.
  20. Tanner5382


    Sep 26, 2010
    Canton, GA