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Comparing the G.K 1001rb II to the G.K 700 rb IV

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by lewibassist, Nov 30, 2004.

  1. Hiya whats the difference Between these two models. Is it just the difference of power or is the 1001 rb II an all round better head than the 700 RB. Because i have two options. I can eaither blow all my cash on the 1001 Rb or get a 700 Rb and another Aguilar GS-112.
    If i bought the 1001 rb i would only be running it through one Aguilar gs-112 , and that could be pretty risky due to the power of the 1001 rb. But i am worried that i will be short of power is i go for the 700 rb. What do you think would be the best choice ?

  2. cheezewiz

    cheezewiz Supporting Member

    Mar 27, 2002
    They are the same amplifier except for the power specs.
  3. Dirty Dave

    Dirty Dave

    Oct 17, 2004
    Boston, MA
    I have the GK 700RB-II. As cheezewiz already stated, it's the same amp with less power.

    Trust me, it's LOUD. I highly doubt you'll be short for power.
  4. wish


    Nov 28, 2004
    Augusta, Ga.
    Hey, man. I bought the 700 RB with the 115sbk cab, and totally blew the speakers up. They sent me a new SBK 115, same deal. Now, I play in big rooms, but those speakers were miked. GK was very nice, and replaced them with the RBH 400 watt speakers. So watch out, or you'll be picking peices of your speakers off the floor.
  5. GRoberts

    GRoberts Supporting Member

    Jan 7, 2003
    Tucson, AZ USA
    Get the 700RB II, and add a second Aguilar GS112. You get the benefit of having two cabinets (which is a huge sonic boost due to the coupling effect and increased speaker mass and cabinet volume). You also get the benefit of the amplifier increasing it's power based on the 4 ohm load that the two speaker cabinets present.

    Get the GK 700RB II and two Aggie GS112's and you'll sound way bigger than simply having an amp (GK1001RB II) that has what amounts to a 'little' more power. You'll get more sound from the dual cabinet rig and it will probably sound way bigger and better than you think!
  6. MascisMan


    Nov 21, 2003
    Dallas, Tx
    yeah the 700RB with the extra 12 will be louder than the watts difference between the 700RB and the 1001RB, if that makes sense