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  1. Question:
    I am new to playing an instrument that goes through amps, as I am an x-drummer...

    Heres the question:
    I was thinking of a cab with 2 10's that's rated at 400w.

    Can I put a 150w or 200w amp throught that? I assume that I could not run something more than 400w, but if I keep it below is that ok? And then, how low is too low?

    I hope that made some sense ...

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    May 24, 2001
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    As as been discussed here several times (and I will leave out the science as there are many here who understand it better than I) you can use a much higher-rated cabinet with a lower-rated amp as long as you DONT CLIP THE AMP!!!!! IN other words, don't assume that because the cabinet is rated so much higher than the amp, that you can crank the amp wide open without risking the cabinet. You can fry the speakers in the cabinet with a much lower-rated amp by pumping clipped waves through it.

    If you have the means to keep the clipping under control, you should have no problem.

    If you plan on playing in a fairly loud setting, you should consider about twice that power at least. Especially if you are talking SS power amps.

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