Compatibility of GK 410 RBH and MB150e

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  1. JMV


    Apr 23, 2019
    La Crosse, WI
    Hi all . . . wanted to solicit opinions and advice on using an GK MB-150e to drive 410 RBH cab. Thoughts? E.g., is there a risk of speaker damage due to too low power? I'm not technically savvy, though heard somewhere in the past that under powering speakers cause excessive voltage or current that would lead to fried voice coils.

    Thanks in advance!!

    (pardon my "email like" note, I'm a newbie and this is the first forum post I've ever created anywhere in my life!)
  2. wave rider

    wave rider

    Jan 5, 2005
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    Under-powering is a bit of an urban myth. Otherwise your volume knob would put you into danger at low volumes. Don't think you will hurt anything!
  3. Wasnex


    Dec 25, 2011

    The 410RBH will work fine with an MB140E. RBH cabs have switch on the back that allows you to switch between Full Range and Biamp. Be sure to put the switch in the Full Range position if you want the tweeter to work. Then adjust the level of the tweeter to taste with the High Frequency Attenuator.

    The Biamp feature is for use with RB series heads and combos, which have a separate 50W amp high passed at 5kHz to drive the tweeter.
  4. JMV


    Apr 23, 2019
    La Crosse, WI
    Thanks wave rider and Wasnex, much appreciated! Definitely puts my mind at ease :D
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