SOLD Complete Digital PA - X18, Mackie Thumps, 2000 watts, BRAND NEW!

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    Apr 25, 2002
    Bought this new from Sweetwater in March 2016 for a start up project. The band I'm in now has two PAs so this is up for sale.

    - Berhinger X18 18 Channel/12 bus Digital Mixer w/1000's of effects. Comes with Gator carry case
    - Two Mackie Thump 12's; 1000 watts each
    - Speaker stands with nylon carry cases (cases not shown but brand new)
    - Two 30FT XLRs for the speakers
    - Two 20FT XLRs for mics/keys/etc

    Note that you will need a tablet or laptop to run the board.

    I paid $1300 for it in March and it is still brand new. It was used 5 times, maybe 10 hours on it. $1150 OBO and I'll throw in a set of brand new Pyle drum mics with carry case to sweeten the deal. (XLR's not included) Regarding shipping, I'm willing to split the cost with the buyer.

    If you are considering a PA like this, save big for basically brand new stuff! A local sale will get you an even better deal.



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