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  1. Right now I have my amp running with an 8 ohm cab. I know that if I add another 8ohm cab, my amp will be running at 4 ohms (supposing I put it parallel)

    Now, what happens if I were to run a 4 ohm and an 8 ohm cab together? Would it work? Would it hurt my amp?
  2. According to my knowledge of resistance, you'd be running 2.6666 ohms. I don't think that would work on a tube amp where you must choose your impedance. However, I couldn't tell you if it would work on a solid state amp.
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    Actually, I don't know of a tube amp that couldn't handle that. It's the majority of SS amps, which can only go down to a 4-ohm load, that would have problems. Some, however, can handle it - look in the manual to see the minimum load for yours.

    For two cabs (in parallel), your equation is R1xR2 / R1+R2. So, for your 8-ohm and 4-ohm, it's 8X4 / 8+4 = 32/12 = 2.66 ohms, just as jenderfazz said.
  4. as said, it would be 2.67

    with a solid state amp that could go down to a 2 ohm load, this would work fine

    with a tube amp you just stick on the 2ohm switch, but i think it might wear things out quicker, and persoanlly i wouldnt do that, even if it doesnt do much damage. . .