Compound Radius Fingerboard router jig

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  1. $100 shipped.

    Here is the scoop. Last year I had the crazy notion of building my own fretless neck, and being bit obsessive by nature I first had to buy plans for and build this nifty jig. I paid $25 for a set of plans, ran all over town collecting parts, built it, used it for one fingerboard, and it's been collecting dust ever since.

    One nice thing about this particular jig is that it's pretty compact; 8" x 7" x 40" overall. It easily sets up for a variety of radii, and works quite nicely. For an additional $25 I'll include the specified "Dish Cutter" router bit (by Rockler) in near-new condition. PM me w/ questions.

    Messy shop photo:


    Not so messy photo:

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    Here is where I ordered the plans:


    OK, maybe I only paid $24 for the plans... the price is somewhat negotiable anyhoo.
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    OK, Luv the jig...

    How does it work? Might help to sell it. Radiusing a fretboard is probably the most daunting operation in building a bass.... :)
    That and routing the proper seat pocket angle for the neck in the body...
  5. What he said. The bare fretboard blank attaches to the traveller with good'ol double stick tape. That traveller rides on curved templates, the router runs along the top channel of the box. Depending on the radius of the templates, you can vary the curve of the material which is removed/remains. Fast, and slick. You can, of course, do simple radius cuts as well. The guy who designed the jig sells plans, so it really wouldn't be fair to give away his intellectual property. PM me if you're really interested.
  6. Spring Cleaning bump. Someone make me an offer; I'm trying to clear out the garage before a move. If I do little more than cover my shipping and handling that's cool.
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    What templates (if any) are included? Interested indeed.
  8. The plans have full scale drawings for 7.25, 7.5, 9.5, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20 22, & 24 inch radii. A smart fella' could no doubt come up with more. I've gotten some interest via PM, and am what is known as a motivated seller, so keep those offers coming in folks!
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  10. PM replied, and CC'd here:

    Good question; the paddle has bolts which extend beyond the back and through slots cut into the base of the main jig body which the paddle sits in. Those through bolts have a set of nylon fender washers and compression springs which hold the paddle tight to the various specific radius profiles which sit in slots machined into the inner faces of the main jig body.

    The lower surface of the paddle has a set of two ball-bearing guides which are tensioned against the radius profiles by the compression spring assembly. This allows you to move the paddle laterally; as it does so it follows the profiles and aligns the workpiece correctly under the router which runs longitudinally along the top of the jig.

    Am I making any sense so far? I suppose I should post some more detailed pictures, but I've been avoiding doing so out of respect for the guy who developed this MARVELOUS JIG :D and sells the plans.
  11. SOLD