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Compression? or Delay?

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by Gut_Implosion, Oct 16, 2004.

  1. I've saved up some amount of money (still nothing compared to what you people put down on your monstrous custom shop botique stuff :eek: ) but I want to buy either a compression unit or a delay unit, but I don't know which i really need more. I've heard a lot of bassist say that compression is a must, and it does make a big difference in tone (I've used compressors before), but I really want to get a delay too, and I seriousley doubt I can get both right now.
  2. Well, do you have some songs that you want to put Delay on? With Compression, you can have it work it's price out in tone and songs, but with delay, it can make up for it's price with one song. How much do you have to spend, and what type of music do you play?
  3. I play a lot of different stuff, but soon I'm going to be putting together an experimental fusion grindcore type band thing, so I want to have a few tripped-out effects (and I'm getting a Conklin GT-7 in a couple weeks too) available to mess things up nicely. I've got about 60 bucks right now, but I'm getting more very soon, so my budget will probably be roughly around $100.
  4. Could you save up a little bit more and get a BOSS ME-50B? Compression, delay and a whole lot more.
  5. Thee


    Feb 11, 2004
    San Luis Obispo, CA
    I would go for delay. But I'm one of those no compression snobs (oh Ho! Can of worms there). Isn't the Boss DD-3 right around that $100 price? I would also check out the Ibanez DE-7. I thought it sounded fine when I used it for guitar. DE-7 is slighter less than the Boss. For used effects I would check out chris guitars for some good deals.