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Compression wound strings

Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by Taurus, Mar 23, 2001.

  1. Taurus


    Feb 2, 2001
    I'm considering trying out compression wound strings with my next string change and was wondering if any members used them and what they thought of them.I like the idea of the slightly smoother exterior and the fact that they " should " sound fairly similar to roundwounds.I've looked at Ken Smith compressors and GHS compression wounds and my gut feeling is that the KS compressors would be what I would buy.I'm playing a precision now,so I think that going further down the scale[ie.flats] might leave the sound a little too dead for my liking?.
  2. Rockinjc


    Dec 17, 1999
    I started using ground wounds or pressure wounds when I was playing a fretless Ric 4001. Gets the compromise for having some tone and not gouging the neck.

    After purchasing a fretted bass and not liking the round wound grind when I dug in, I tried them on a fretted bass. It is still a nice compromise. I find them smoother than round and brighter than flat. It seems like I can make the difference with my fingers. I like um.

  3. Howdy Taurus, I just went thru this exact problem.
    I have experience with the Ken Smiths.
    I put them on my thumb bass.
    they reduced fret noise, felt smooth as silk, and were bright enough to compete with normal round wounds.
    but, I took them off. the way I play is bluesy/funky
    I do a lot of bending and chord playing, plus I did real deep into the string and the smoothness of the string made it to hard for me to play the way I normally play. I would bend notes and the strings would be hard to control. chords sounded a little dull, thatÂ’s the only place I noticed a lack of brightness. they also were ok for slap tone wish but it just felt odd yanking on the slick strings.
    the Ken Smith strings have a little more tension than the round wounds but not as much as a flat wound.

    I ended up replacing the compressor strings on my thumb bass and putting on a set of bass burners. nickel round wounds.
    on the plus side I put the compressors on my Pedulla fretless and they are the best strings I have ever had on the thing, I wish I had found that out years ago. they sound great on that bass.

    Good luck, I say give them a try either way.
  4. I used Rotosound RS55 Solo Bass pressurewounds for a couple of years - I've got an old set on my Eko semi acoustic.

    the tone's only slightly duller than the regular rounds, and they'd be kinder to a fretless fingerboard/frets, but I had trouble finding them in shops, and the feel difference isn't really much of an issue to me, so I switched to regular swing bass.

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