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  1. 5intheface


    Dec 18, 2004
    After years of owning a guitar multi-effects pedal, I've recently strated seriously playing around with it. I played with the eq to get a bass sound rather than guitar, and played around with the settings and my amp, and it makes for a nice bass effects pedal.

    I also read countless times how a compression pedal will help sound your harmonics, and it really does! The compression setting on the pedal works fine, but my question is what exactly does the compression do to the sound? How does it work?

    Makes me almost wish I hadn't spent years practicing getting harmonics to sound equal to regular notes......
  2. there's been at least a dozen threads in the last two months regarding compression and all the ins and outs, I suggest you have a read through those.
  3. Joe P

    Joe P

    Jul 15, 2004
    Milwaukee, WI
    Heh!.. I know what you mean.

    I use full-time compression - crushing compression! - and I use 'playing dynamics' to adjust the TONE, not the volume. When I do play some of my 'fancier'-stuff that involves fretboard tapping or harmonics or whatever WITHOUT the compression, I can really see how my style was developed around this compression!

    The Funk Band I'm with just recorded a new demo. For the song 'No Parking on the Dance Floor' I play the whole song by thumping-down on the fretboard right on the octave-harmonic point for the note with my middle-finger. I don't mean fretboard-tapping, inwhich the note is actually fretted with the same finger that taps -- I mean a technique wherein if I slightly delay coming off the string, it comes out as just the harmonic; if I 'hot-potato' off the string right-away, it's mostly the regular root-note or whatever - but in-between the extremes (by beeing 'slightly lazy' as to how I pull my tapping-finger off the string), I can 'mix' any combination of fundamental and second-harmonic into the note. It sounds so cool with the compression - partly because my volume dynamic 'sits in the mix' however wild or ecclectic my playing is, but also because I delay the attack control on my Boss CS-3 to get that distinctive, percussive smack! on the tap-attacks! In this recording, it sounds a lot like a simple Hammond sound with 'key click'.

    I'm diggin' it.