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Compressor Anyone !!!

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by Tom Neves, Oct 9, 2000.

  1. Guys,
    I am in need of a little info regarding Bass compressors.
    Which one would do a good job?
    I want something simple but effective.
    Check my profile.....I don't use any effects but without a compressor it is sometimes hard to control certain notes.
    Anyway.....Would not want to spend more than $150.00.
    Need some name brands guys........What do you think?
  2. puppeteering


    Mar 16, 2000
    Hey Tom,

    Based on your profile, you've splurged for some pretty nice stuff. Among the newer compressors out there, I feel like you should go the extra mile and check out:

    Carl Martin Compressor/Limiter
    EBS MultiComp

    The Carl Martin sounds superior to my ears, with studio-quality performance and adjustment knobs for gain, attack (response), threshold, and ratio (comp amt) -- these are typical STUDIO level compression parameters. The unit sounds great, I use it in my setup, and as you can see by my profile, I use mostly high end effects so as not to 'discolor' my colorations(!) Being a studio engineer, the Carl Martin wins the vote hands down.

    The EBS Multicomp is nice if you don't feel like you need/want the more elaborate settings. Two knobs (compresion and make-up gain) allow you with a simpler approach to dynamics control. The mini toggle allows you to select between three different modes, (1) standard -- the compressor effects the entire frequency range equally; (2) multi-band, where you have the option to allow more dynamic control on various frequenicies (i.e. less comp on the highs, so the comp is less noticeable), and (3) Tube Simulation--- this offers a little more harmonic complexity in the lower mids, which tends to help fatten the sound without necessarily needing more compression. I used this pedal for a while, and although I like the Carl Martin better, I sometimes miss this pedal's quick tone changes and straight forward design.

    The EBS is battery or AC operated, although the adaptor carries a list of near $49! The Carl Martin has a built in power cord- no battery compartment. Both are certainly designed with BASS in mind.

    (here's the shameless promotion part..)

    I have both of these in stock at the store I work at- and we can ship to Hawaii.

    EBS Multicomp: $199 (with adaptor $229)
    Carl Martin Compressor/Limiter: $249

    Like I said, the prices are higher than you imagined, but I know you won't be disappointed. Stay away from such units as the Alesis Nanocompressor or lower line dbx rackmount stuff- they just don't have the response needed for bass, nor the ability to work with the large frequency range.

    Hope that helps!
  3. I'd recommend checking out the "RNC" (Really Nice Compressor) at


    Lots of very knowledgeable folks on the rec.audio.pro newsgroup think it's the best compressor you can buy for under a grand... and they're only about $180.

    I use one (for recording, I no longer use compression for live work), and it's very sweet.
  4. Puppeteering,
    Thanks for the info.
    Is the Carl Martin a rack unit?
    I guess I'm looking for the least amount of effect. Something to keep those nasty peaks down a bit and yet not mask any good tone. Do you think the Carl fits the bill?

    I'm curious,
    Why don't you use commpression in your live work?
    I'm looking at using it for strictly live stuff.
    What's your opinion?
  5. I don't slap & pop, and I just really don't see the need for a compressor for live work anymore, at least not for ME. It's just one more thing to carry and hook up, and I just don't feel I need it.

    That's not to imply it's not right for some folks.
  6. puppeteering


    Mar 16, 2000
    The Carl Martin is definitely transparent when it's settings are subtle. I am not generally a slapper and yet I like what it does to my tone- full punchy lows and a generally more consistent fingerstyle approach can definitely be had without robbing your style of all it's dynamics. It can be aggressive as well, without silly pumping and breathing sounds. It's a floor pedal (4 knobs and one stomp box-style push button on/off), with a built in power supply, not a wall-wart type of thing.

    I have used and liked the RNC- 'really nice compressor' - It's a 1/3 space rack mounted thing- obviously you can find brackets so you can install it in a rack, but on/off functions would have to be done with a push of a finger- not as convenient as a floor box.

    Hope that helps!

  7. air_leech


    Sep 1, 2000

    I'm intrested too in buying a decent compressor.
    on my list are the EBS MultiComp, Tech21's BassCompactor and the Alesis nanocomp.

    out of your expirience, which of these is the best?
    am I better tossing these away and going with one of the Behringer Rackmount units?
  8. airleach
    Since I posted this thread I have tried out three compressors. The EBS Multicomp, Carl Martin and an Aphex rack unit, (not sure on the Aphex model number).
    IMO the EBS Multicomp was the easiest to use and best sounding of the three.The EBS has easy to use presets and is designed with the Bass player in mind.
    I haven't got it yet but this is the one I'm going with.
    Try them as I did and go with what sounds good and works the best for you.
  9. air_leech


    Sep 1, 2000
    thanks Tom

    I can't try out these compressors, they are not distributed in Israel, but in April I will be visiting Holland and Germany and I know where to try out for these effects.

    I heard great things of the MultiComp and generally never heard any bad words about EBS products (they seem to be very high quality and it shows on the price).
    I can mark the EBS as my #1 choice as it seems that everyone recommends it (and everyone must know better than me cos I never tried either of these compressors).

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