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  1. Hi guys:

    I need to buy a compressor, I would like to use with my Tascam 4 track to do some home recording and with my nemesis 210p combo, because I want to connect two basses. I found this compressor unit I need your advise.

    Beringher MDX1400 Autocom® Pro Compressor $79.99

    Alesis 3630 Dual-Channel Compressor/Limiter with Gate $99.99

    Nady CL5000 Compressor/Limiter/Gate $99.99


    What happen with Jeff Berlin?
  2. i'd say : go for the behringer.. it exceeds the others by far.

    but if you're going for the autocomp.. save up $ 30 more and get the Composer... it has IKA ( interactive knee adaption ), which means it has smoother compression..
  3. I havent tryed any of em, but the Nady got pretty good reviews on harmony central, but its more a personal preference of what you like more
  4. Lee Carrera

    Lee Carrera

    Apr 17, 2014
    Hey Guys! Greenhorn here...
    Has anyone hooked up a MDX1400 for an effect on a bass guitar rig?
    I am running an Ampeg SVT-4 Pro with a SansAmp and a Weeping Demon pedal.
    Just wondering... I have a Autocom Pro MDX1400 if anyone is interested for $50.00.
    Its used, but in great shape. Its been kept in an enclosed rack mount system. (still mounted)
    Thanks, I appreciate any replies