Computer Guys, I need help. Can't close pop ups.

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  1. For some reason about half of the pop ups and even websites i am on will not let me exit out of them. This has just started. so what I have to do is Hit ctrl alt delete and go to task manager and close the application that way. Its becoming a real pain in tha a55 especialy with all the popups on the web. You fellas have any ideas what to do?:confused:
  2. Have you tried PopUp Blocker or Ad-Aware?
  3. yes i run ad aware, the problem is when I do get the pop ups i cant just hit the X and delete them.
  4. Hm, what about right-clicking on them on the taskbar, then selecting "Close"? I do that when I don't feel like reaching for the "X". Or Alt-F4?
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    That doesn't help with a lot of popups.
    You need to kill the process or prevent it from downloading in the first place.

    I sometimes use Naviscope to manually kill the downloads, but I guess a good popup killer is better.
  6. The ones that wont let me x out of them, wont let me right click to close it either. I figured it was some sort of virus since it just started doint this?:confused: If I can't "fix" the problem I guess I will just install a good blocker, You guys have any suggestions?
  7. ALT-F4
  8. WOW!!! very cool, Man I should have taken a computer class in college.

    Me 10 years ago- "man I'm not taking that course, these computer things are just a faze, they will be gone in a few years" :rolleyes: :(
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    Use Opera. It has built in pop-up filtering including the option to allow specifically requested pop-ups (eg. a site that requires you to type a password in a pop-up window) plus a myriad of other useful features. Plus it's faaaaast. And puuurty. :D
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    Does this really work?
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    Yup. ALT-F4 is the standard Windoze key combination to close the currently active window. ALT-TAB is another useful one to shuffle through all open windows.
  12. What's a good pop-up blocker I could get off of Kazaa lite for free? I friggin hate pop-ups.
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    Proxomitron was an excellent shareware/free (he wanted you to buy his favorite band's CD if you felt like doing anything) popup blocker and more. But a brief search looking for it led to a couple a sites that looked like counterfeits with - you gussed it - popups.
  15. Ah, the lost art of keyboard combinations... I think I used too much early Windows in my formative years!

    ALT-F4 is equivalent to selecting "Exit" from the "File" menu, even if there is no "File" menu. This worked before there was an "X" button in the top right corner of the window, and it still does today in Windows XP!

    Also of note, the icon in the top left corner of any window is ALSO a menu - click once on it and see! This menu at the top left can also be accessed by pressing "ALT-SPACE". If ever ALT-F4 doesn't close a window for whatever reason, ALT-SPACE and then C usually does the trick. Again, this often works even if there is no icon in the top left corner.

    I can easily operate every function of windows without a mouse - it just takes longer. You can, too!

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    Dude, Panicware has great popup blockers. There is a version 2.6 and a professional that I've tried and they both work pretty well.

    Alt+f4 is okay, but go crazy and it closes the window you need.

    Is there anything that can find and destroy programs that are within the Browser program or in the computer? I have found that certain ****heads have programed "Pop up programs" that install automatically and are resistant to the blockers.
  17. Yeah, solutions already built into the operating system suck - hail buying another stick of 512mb DDR-SDRAM and running more TSRs!

  18. Yeah, that's spyware, and Ad-Aware or similar programs get rid of them easily.
    Once in a while while surfing you might get a request from the browser for a program to install itself (usually Gator). Make sure that you don't have it set somewhere in your browser options to automatically accept these requests, that could save you some headaches.