Computer Recording, please?

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    Jun 25, 2001
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    I was talking to someone yesterday, he said that if you bought a mixer, Have a program on your computer,(like n-track) and your sound card has an auidio in and out, that it would blow a tape based 4 track out of the water. how would i go about doing this? is there a website out there that deals with this?
  2. I use Cool-edit Pro for recording..
    it can do multi-track editing and mix up to 255 tracks back into one track.
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    Hm, where to start...:) - SUPERB beginner's guide, also lots of reviews and tutorials

    ...the list is endless.

    It's pretty easy. Any decent soundcard (SBLive or higher, the SB is ok, but not too great) will work. Connect the mixer to the line-in of the soundcard, the line out of the card with your stereo, install your sequencer program. That's basically it!
    You have to learn the program of course and the basics of HD recording.
    The links should give you a start.
    Or search at for further info.
  4. I use a program called Acid Music 2.0 which allows infinite tracks of music you can record. It comes with a cd with a lot of drum loops you can use. I just plug a mic into the sound card and mic my amp. You can hear me use this method on the sites in my signature. *coughs*PLUG!*coughs*
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    Nice links JMX. Thanks.
  6. Just a quick warning on lining out your card to a stereo: you might want to use the mic input jack instead of two phono leads. PC's give out signal in an unbalanced stereo format; splitting this signal leaves you with a very high output left channel and a low output right channel. The mic input is in mono, so your stereo splits the signals equally. This phenomena doesn't occur with headphones or powered PC speaker(right channel amplified by speakers).
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    The phono input of a stero is ALWAYS for phono only, because the phono signal has a different level and also needs a special fixed EQ. Use the AUX, TAPE, CD or VIDEO input.

    BTW: What kind of stereo has a mic input? Since a soundcard's line out delivers line level, a mic in wouldn't be as suitable as a line in, apart from the fact that almost all mic ins are mono.
  8. Aha! I'll throw the phono/aux selector on my stereo, get balanced output from my MP3's now.

    My Mic input is stereo, according to the manual.

    Edit: Threw the was already set to AUX. When set to Phono, signal was still unbalanced but distorted too. Don't get why this doesn't happen with Stereo headphones though.
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    Aug 1, 2001
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    I use a program called Cubasis Vst from steinberg, but it´s actually kind of out of budget
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    Jul 30, 2001
    What kind of cable would i need to hook up my bass guitar directly to the mic/input jack in my soundcard? Where could I get one?