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Concentric Pot Question

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by BassMan257, Feb 10, 2006.

  1. Hello, Soon i will be buying a set of pickups (p/j), and I want to know if two concentric pots would work for the setup I want..

    I would LIKE

    volume/tone and blend/something else(not really important)

    Im just wondering if ill be able to blend with them... I mean, i could allways do volume/tone volume/tone... but thats kinda boring.. lol... I just like the idea of a blend pot alot better.. so i can turn down the whole instrument from the bass (not the amp) and retain the same tone... or, I could buy a volume pedal, but i figure if i can get past the volume pedal without alot of trouble, i may as well... because setting up a volume pedal will be alot of trouble for me, i should prolly get one for my upright anyways, but thats a different story...

    oh, and i want concentric pots just because i dont want to have alot of pots on my bass... If it means i need three knobs, it means i need three knobs, but i just want to know if this would work...

    thanks for your help!
  2. Tim__x


    Aug 13, 2002
    Alberta, Canada
    Sorry it won't work. The problem is that the standard passive mixing scheme averages the signal from both pups, it doesn't sum them. This means a special pot is needed and sadly blends pots are not made in concentric forms.
  3. dang dang dang... oh well... I was thinking of getting a switch... how would that work out? just a concentric for tone and master volume, and like a 5 way selector for the pickup blend? is it a stupid idea? or should i just go with dual concentrics?
  4. I ain't sure but it seems like you could use a non concentric blend to a concentric vol/tone.
  5. luknfur


    Jan 14, 2004

    maybe I'm missing something here and just don't understand the question, but I'm not aware of any reason you couldn't use a dual concentric audio pot (half volume, half tone with a cap) and a blend pot, if you can find the audio pot - Stewmac.com carries 500K's but not 250K that I'm aware of. Not big difference really.

    It would be no different than having a seperate volume and tone pot and a blend. You end up with the same number of knobs, one of them is just stacked.

    Any pot is a concentric pot in that there is a common center point so I assume you're referring to a dual concentric pot as in stacked pot.

    A blend control is not a dual concentric pot although it is a stacked pot as one control varies both pots as opposed to having a pair of controls that operate each pot independent of the other.

    You can't use a blend in place of a stacked pot if that's what you're asking but you can still accomplish what you're asking - from what I can gather.

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