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Concert review - the Dismemberment Plan

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by dancehallclasher, Aug 13, 2002.

  1. I went to see their free show at Fort Reno on Monday. Got a nice place front and center as usual, because the Reno scenesters are apathetic slackers. But I mean that in the nicest way.

    Anyway, they were incredible. If you don't know what they sound like, you have to download something, because there's no band I can even compare them to, they have such a unique sound. Yet through the burbling synths and cockeyed time signatures, a strong pop sensibility shines through. I could almost imagine "What Do You Want Me To Say" on the radio. They played that and more of their cult hits like "Ice of Boston" "Life of Possibilities" and a hilarious jab at the aforementioned apathetic scenesters "Doing the Standing Still" with an earnest intensity that made them sound twice as good as the album versions.

    Bassist Eric Axelson used a (left-handed) Precision with flatwounds through an Ampeg head and 4x10, except when he briefly switched to a synth for a few songs - the way he anchored the low end on those really influenced me. I'd like to do that on some songs with my band. I wonder if anyone still makes those keyboards that you strap on like a guitar...

    And a final note, standing next to me at the water table was some guy I was POSITIVE I recognized, but I didn't know from where. I thought maybe he went to my school. But today it hit me: he was the new drummer in Fugazi. Dang, I shoulda said hi.
  2. I need to check this band out for sure. A bunch of the people that listen to Lake Trout (one of my fave bands) are also big Dismemberment Plan fans. Thanks for the reminder! :D
  3. DHC...what have I been telling you? These guys kill. Eric and Joe are one of rock's best rhythm sections.

    BTW, did you happen to see a short, pimply-faced Asian dude with glasses and medium-length black hair? That's my friend Phil, with whom I'm starting a math-rock band.
  4. man o man, the d-plan is one of the tightest bands out there right now! i love everything they've done (well maybe not "!" so much, but otherwise). i've seen em three times, (most notably on the Death and Dismemberment Tour with Death Cab for Cutie), and every time they've just put on such a tight live show. they're cds are unbelievable. you're absolutely right, eric's basslines are so tight, even though i get tired of "what do you want me to say?" just because i replayed it so many times when i first bought that cd a couple of years ago, his bassline on that song is sooooooo cool. i could rave about the dplan all day! i love that DC scene, almost rivals the indie scene here in minneapolis :p. too bad about the fugazi drummer though, taht would've been pretty cool to have talked to him, but oh well...they play a lot, there'll be more times in the future.


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