Concertino for Solo Bass & Bass Quartet

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  1. Proud to announce that my "Concertino No. 1" is now available in original version for Solo Bass & Bass quartet.

    Just in a few days is a BEST SELLER!

    Concertino No.1 was awarded an Honorable Mention in the International Society of Bassists 2012 Composition Competition. Robert Black commented: 'Concertino No.1 for solo double bass and double bass quartet, by Simon Garcia, would be a lot of fun to play. In the first movement, the insistent rhythmic accompaniment of the quartet provides a nice foil for the cantabile melodies in the solo bass part. Written in a tonal language, this Allegro moderato is full of excitement and drama. A slow Andante follows that has a restrained Baroque feel. As expected, there is a clear distinction between the melodic solo bass and the accompanying quartet. Movement 3 returns to a similar but different rhythmic and dramatic feel as we heard in the first movement. Concertino No.1 is a substantial work at 15 minutes.'

    Bass World Magazine Volume 36, Nº 2