Concerto for Double Bass and Winds (Graduate Composition Recital)

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    Jun 5, 2007
    Hi all,

    I don't post much on the forums, but I wanted to share the premiere of my Concerto for Double Bass and Winds (Piano Reduction Version) at my Graduate Composition Recital. I performed the piece myself and I am not a performance major so apologies for any quality issues. I intend the piece to be performed with solo strings, but the timing did not work out for this recital.

    The composition is intended for an orchestral wind section, just without the strings. The accompaniment is very contrapuntal, and I found many good edits reducing the piece down to the piano. Here is the original version pre-editing:

    I am very proud of opening my composition recital with this piece and just wanted to share it with a group of people who share my passion for the instrument. :)
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