Concrete Age - Oriental Death/Thrash Metal (London,)

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    May 21, 2018
    We are the Concrete Age - Melodic Death/Thrash Metal from London (UK).


    We are based in Central London. Most people know us as Monks of Death Metal. Concrete Age is a mixture of Ethnic music from different countries and Melodic Death/ Thrash Metal.
    Concrete Age started in October 2010 and released 5 LP albums already. We also use different Ethnic instruments live such as Djembe, Fujara, Didgeridoo, Frame Drums, Tibetan singing bowls etc. In August 2017 we played at the MHM metal festival in the Ukraine. In October 2016 we were supporting Vader and Hate Eternal on their Rise of the Empire tour in the UK. We`ve been touring in Russia in Autumn 2013 and played shows in cities like Sochi,Moscow, Rostov. At the moment we are doing shows in London (the nearest one is in August).


    YouTube:Concrete Age
    Facebook:Concrete Age
    Instagram: Concrete Age (official) (@concrete_age) • Instagram photos and videos
    BandCamp: Concrete Age

    What do we need from you:

    - You must be based in London
    - Be able to make weekly rehearsals
    - Ability to play complicated lead parts on a bass
    - Age range 24 - 32
    - Have your own gear.
    - Strong Voice (Backing vocals)

    Please tell us few words about yourself and don`t forget to attach audio/video links with your playing.

    Contact: [email protected]