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    Nov 29, 2005
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    After many years away from playing i have recently took up both the guitar and bass guitar again. This time though i want to do it properly and learn standard notation , theory etc.
    Im learning from two different books and im stuggling to come to terms from changing between the bass clef and the treble clef. Surely piano players read both at the same time but i get confused changing from one to the other {bass guitar to normal guitar} when im practicing my sight reading . Any advice or will it just get easier with practice? Im sure theres a lot of you on here who also play normal guitar.
    Just one other thing . Im learning bass from mel bays complete bass method. Ive been going along fine until i get to the bass parts sections with the intervals , appreggios and how they relate to chords. I just dont get it and the book never really explains how the theory links in . I was considering ditching the book and buying the hal leonard method reviewed on here but im worried there are gaps in my knowledge and ill be just wasting my time switching to another book.
    Thanks in advance for any advice.
  2. It may help you to visualize the way the two staves relate to each other. The C above the bass clef is the same as the one below the treble clef. Together, they unite to form the grand staff (which can be seen in any piano music). Burning that image into your brain and thinking of the F and G clefs as two different sections of a greater whole may clear up your confusion.
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    Tang, maybe you should get a teacher. Books are OK but nothing can explain it as well as a teacher.