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  1. In comparing the ratings of an SWR Triad to an SWR Goliath III, the Triad has a low Frequency Response of 37 hz, while the Gol. is at 40 hz.......does this mean that with four tens, it can almost get as low as the 15" and 10" combined?

    Also, since there are four speakers vs. two would I be correct to guess that the 410 can make a better sounding low note at high volume than the 115 + 110?

    Thanks for clearing this up for me.
  2. Actually, most of the '3db' published rolloff thresholds are fantasy. Even if they are 'correct', they don't communicate what happens below the 3db threshold level (i.e., does the low frequency gently roll off, or drop like a rock).

    Comparing the Triad to the GIII, the GIII kills it in both overall volume and low end to my ear.... IME and IMO.

    Edit: Also, remember, a larger cone area (i.e., 15 versus 10) has very little to do with frequency response. The deepest, lowest 3db roll-off bass cabs I'm aware of are the Acme's, which are all 10" loaded cabs.
  3. Steve


    Aug 10, 2001

    The best comment I can make about cab response spec's is:

    Ignore them. They are absolutly worthless.

    IMHO of course. YMMV.
  4. alright thanks for the responses guys
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    Remember that the 10 in the Triad doesn't run full range (that big honking capacitor hiding in the 10's subenclosure protects it from the lowest lows).

    As far as woofers go, 10s and 15s sound different and seem to compliment each other well (to my ear anyway).