Conklin and Warrior strings

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  1. Does anyone have any experience with Conklin or Warrior strings? I'm building a 9 string in the near future and they, alone with d'addario, seem to be the only companies that make strings for these instruments. I haven't had much experience with strings other than Fenders and I'm wondering how much different these types will sound. Since these things are so expensive ($79 for the Warriors, $89 for the Conklins, plus I live in Canada and are hurt by the terrible exchange rate!) I don't plan on changing them too often, just when they break or start to sound really dead.
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    Nov 24, 2000
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    Ken Smith and Dean Markley make seven-string sets,
    available at . IIRC, Conklin "Sidewinders"
    are re-packaged Dean Markleys. I dunno what kind of Fenders
    you've been usin', but (IMO! :D ) the Smiths or Markleys
    would be a marked improvement. They're both taperwounds.
    The Smith 7-string sets come in medium to light gauges.

    Conklin does offer a single .150 for low F# ($14USD) and
    .015 for high A# ($6USD).

    John Turner is our resident Conklin guru and should be able
    to help ya' out a lot more.